I hate doing this…

27 03 2008

…every time a client comes and asks to have their installed O.S. changed from Vista to XP. Granted, both are bad choices but also is an understatement the ease of use of XP for people that have already years using it and can’t adapt quick to the change.

Also sucks big time when your PC has 512 mb RAM, something usual for most of the clients wanting to change the OS.

I have done the uninstalling and re-installing dance several times now, the hunt for drivers and the testing of several driver packages until one works. And I have to say, it’s getting harder every time, and I’m really hating it lately.

It used to be a matter of a couple hours, I’d search for the drivers while XP got installed, and then just keep searching while the rest of the software the client asked for also got installed. In the end I had the drivers and the PC working perfectly. Now…it’s been two days of extensive search and try, trial and error, and back to the search.

So in short, it’s a rant, it’s a QQ of how hard it has become to install drivers in a simple laptop, that comes with 512MB and preloaded with Vista, yes, I’d be dying to switch it to XP if it had only 512mb, and shared 128 mb of Video…why do they sell laptops like that with Vista preloaded anyway? if the minimum is 1GB of ram, why not preload Vista but still develop drivers for the old OS?, damn…well that’s not the case here so yeah, I’m stuck with a Compaq Presario v3619la that already has been formatted with XP, but am missing the Chipset and modem drivers, after the second day of looking.

And then again, why do people buy their computers with Vista if they’ll swap it for XP in a day? 😛 just makes my life hard.

Anyway, back to the testing of files,
Ak out.

Edit: Yeah another rant – the fugging size of the drivers!!, 100MB!? come on!!.


Hitting the Sunwell, spanking Kael’thas!

26 03 2008

Yep, I did say at the end of last post that I was going to the Sunwell Isle, well, not only did I do Curator and Shade last night on the rogue, and got some great guild news, but also went on the the Magister’s Terrace.

So, first things first, I wasn’t planing on raiding, rather just sitting out getting DKP, since I figured the only other rogue besides the class leader was raiding tonight (we’re only 3 rogue mains in the guild, woot!). So that means I got 4 badges, putting me at 91.

Then Meara wanted a phoenix hatchling, so she put up a group together for Magister’s Terrace, but she went on her druid, she tanked it. We had one of the guild’s resto druids healing, our old-guild’s-main-tank-turned-dps-turned-elemental shaman, on his dps warrior, our guild master’s fire mage and Ari…my quite undergeared frost mage.

In we went, and I have to say, it is a great place, quite packed, hard pulls, multi-mob pulls also. Meara was loving the fact of her swipe not breaking the sheeps, so swipe away she did. We beat the whole thing, it is a bit harder than what I expected. Kael dropped the Leather epic boots and some leather healing chestpiece, Meara took the boots and the resto druid took the chestpiece, altho he already had better.

Ari did get an upgrade (my frost mage), she got the cloth bracers off the first boss. And the priestess (3rd boss?) dropped the throwing knives. Fury warrior got them. Those would have been a nice upgrade for my rogue but hey, they’ll drop again eventually.

Ari did die in several points…more specifically I think she died in every boss fight except the second one, and that’s just because I chickened out and Ice blocked. We wiped a lot too, Meara was rusty, our healer was seemingly tired, but we had fun in the end. The Kael’thas fight is very interesting and fun in a way.

Oh yes, the guild good news was that this sunday, we’ll go to Gruul’s. That’s exciting and great news for us, I have been there, but not with this guild, and I had a lot of fun. So i have until then to gather the rest of mats for my enchants. And maybe hopefully go for my first piece of badge loot….the weapon, main hand. But that will be another post 😛

Ak out!

On an Edit thingy here:
We went again to Magister’s Terrace a couple days ago…last pull had us wiping like a bunch of nooblets, we ended up quitting and shit but sheesh it was a mess.

Thoughts on Patch 2.4 and Beyond.

26 03 2008

Yeah well, everybody is talking about it and what not, so I’ll be one more of those. By now, talking about the new features and the new stuff is completely pointless, as most news sites have done so already. The only thing I’m intending to do here is give my opinion and overall thoughts about it, from a rogue point of view as a raider mainly…maybe.

So 2.4 hit us, with that, addons got wrecked, Meara already did some salvaging, and at lunch time I parked my rogue over Kara, so I can just hop in and get an invite. Anyhow, only error I saw was related to FuBar, not sure exactly how and why, will have to check after work today, I have a feeling ALL the addons are enabled, meaning some of them are overlapping, such as RatingBuster and one of the Auctioneer bundle…the one that modifies the tooltips.

That’s for addons, now let’s see, as for PvP, I didn’t have the chance to test the changes to it on the PTRs, not the battlegrounds or arenas anyway, I did test the medals and tokens turn-in quests, and they’ll bring me closer to S1 weapon…except, I feel like waiting a couple weeks or more, just in case they put out the S2 ones for honor. Other than that, I don’t know, it should be interesting queuing in AV premades and such.

Badge Loot? Ok here’s the big focus of the post anyway…the new phat epix…I have heard so many times about how they are welfare epics, how Blizzard is dumbing down the game and so on. I’ll be honest, I have never been past Gruul’s, and to avoid giving me heartaches, I haven’t really actually looked at the gear dropped off BT or Hyjal, just a few of TK and SSC, but that’s all. So I can’t compare those against badge loot. But I will say something, at least 4 pieces of the badge loot are BIG upgrades for my rogue. Chestpiece, belt and weapons….oh yes, leggings…make that 5. Now, this is supposed to be Blizzard dumbing it down because…as I have read the point of view from more Elite Hardcore players, it’s easy to get.

So let’s see….badge loot is for casual-ish players, I’m neither casual nor hardcore, I raid at least 4 times a week, for as long as job allows me to. That means I normally am not present for a full clear of Karazhan, but more like 5 bosses (Opera event, Curator, Shade, Prince and Nightbane), when I was on vacation, I had the chance to do Netherspite but that’s pretty much it. The guild doesn’t have ZA clear, as far as I know we just got up to the Lynx avatar.

Ok that considered, I also have to say the guild takes invite priorities based on who needs what of said boss, and who can get it is at the same time determined by DKP, as you might’ve imagined, based on what I typed before, I don’t have much DKP, because of the schedule I have. Therefore, many times I find myself sitting out, sometimes because X or Y person need loot off a boss I already have gear from, or because I don’t have gear from said boss but someone else, above me in the ladder, does need gear off said boss, and while I am building up DKP by boss kills sitting out, I am also not receiving badges.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great guild, but out of the potential amount of badges I could be getting, I’m really not getting even half of them. Here comes the problem. The amount of upgrades makes available through badge gear is good, and according to my math, I do need around 400+ badges. How many I have? 87. It’s gonna be a while.

More after the break 😛
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Some Art here

20 03 2008

Just a quickie post. I have always said my wife has some good talents when it comes to design and editing of image files, any time she comes up with something new, it amazes me, specially if you consider the fact she has no major or any sort of education in this aspect.

Without further babble, I leave here her latest work, something she did for me but I feel like sharing.

The many faces of Akhellar

What is it? simply some of my alts, and my sneaky main. My priest, my rogue, my mage and warrior, mostly in their current gear, excepting the warrior, which does not have the Sun Eater…the son-of-a-biotch hasn’t dropped for my warrior….yet has dropped twice while being on my rogue, such is luck.

Anyway they’re sporting some …enhanced enchants designed by her, the rogue’s is custom, love the way she made it look like fiery poison dripping off the sword, the Mongoose version on the Sun Eater looks great, and the Soulfrost on the mage looks just amazing.

Thanks a lot Meara and hope to see more!.

Ah, yes…I’ll put it in my Skydrive and store it there. Here’s a link to the public folder for images (it opens in a new window).

Akhellar out!.

Of random stuff…

18 03 2008

Well this past week was hard…hard as in I took a week off work. The first time I take vacations in my whole work-force life. And damn it was needed. Anyway, so why would it be hard? well, it’s all about the choices I had to make…whether to rent this xbox 360 game or that one, or stick to WoW. Whether to play till I drop tired of watch a movie with Meara, so on. In the end it turned out to be balanced. I spent some time with the 360, some time with the wife either going out or staying at home watching movies, and some time playing WoW, mostly raiding.

So, what games did I enjoy? I’d put it up right here but last time Meara showed me the beauty of breaking the post. So, I’ll name the games here and go more in-depth into my opinions about them after the break. First I rented Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Odyssey, then after turning those back I got Gears of War and Mass Effect, also got Hour to Victory…*sigh* my bad, but there’s a reason for that. Anyway, currently have Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

So, my opinions and more of the rant after the break?…

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Here’s the Ak

7 03 2008

Well I suppose it is time to do this, I’ve never been quite good at writing things….some time way in the past I was asked to write a diary for the school, to make a possibly long and full of rants story short, I used to fill the entries with something along the lines of “Dear diary, today I did the same as yesterday, bye.”

So ok, who the fuzz am i? I’m one of the mexican guys playing wow in US servers, I love the game and I love gaming in general, I’m a technitian for now, also for now I have quite a crappy job so whatever. I like computers, and although I can not fit in the nerd or geek category, I am a bit of both. So…being I like games, and are a nerd-ish/geek-ish, gadget-lovin, tech addict, I would guess that’s what one can expect from my posts, with a bit of ranting here and there, to spice things up a bit.

That was the sort of out-of-wow intro…i guess the who am i thing…
So, for WoW, I am an altaholic, so is not like I can just say “this is my toon, all cool”, more like, my main, the toon that first reached 60 back in the days of 60-cap, and the one I love to play with the most, is a night elf rogue, named Akhellar, after a nickname I picked from a story that developed quite….deeply but just in my head. Other toons I play often with are a level 70 human prot-warrior, a level 70 draenei frost-mage, a level 70 NE priest…ok that one is sorta retired now, and a level 64ish prot-pally, blood elf.

Oh yes!, I’m Meara’s husband 😛

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Differant Types of Meat (Shields)

6 03 2008

I was thinking of what topic should I write about first, and I over heard a conversation in General Channel when in Karazhan. Stating that “Druid’s Can’t tank” and always hearing a lot of discussion about Paladin’s not being able to tank either. So I guess I wanna stick my neck out there a little bit and prove any one who says a curtain class cant do something is wrong.

To start off before we have to go threw the brake. That Skill has a lot to do with saying “who can” and “who can’t” and there’s really nothing you can read about to improve your skill at your class and or spec. That comes from experience, and the only way to get that, witch is to run every instance you can until you got it down to the point you can multi-task. The Same goes for healers. What you can read more about is Gearing and Spell/skill rotations and suggestions on how to go about things.

More After the brake.
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