Welcome to Endless Gaming From Meara

2 03 2008

Yea, it might not be that attractive of a title for a gaming blog (or any blog at that) but we just couldn’t come up with any thing, and got fed up with not having a name for this place.

Pretty much the focus of this place is the stuff most of us, and I’m sure those who are reading this (if any) put countless man-hours in to. That Substance that drives all corners of our Emotions, that if we got payed 10 cents an hour to do we’d all be millionaires. That Frankly keeps us entertained in this day-in-age. Gaming, Every thing from MMO-RPGs to Frogger is allowed here. Even though I think our Primary focus will be World Of Warcraft.

I’ll Continue my rambling after the brake…

So I guess I’ll Introduce my self and Leave Ak, to do it on his own, that’s if he even chooses to. I’m Meara, I (In a couple Days from now) have been playing WoW for 2 years. I play roughly 10-12 hours a day. Yep that’s right! My current situation at home leaves me with nothing to do at all. So out of sheer boredom I play WoW for hours on end. My poor Husband, how ever, only wishes he could play that long, I assuming.

For A majority of my time playing wow I have been an officer in 3 guilds. Working my ass off to bring them up from ashes (Well Tyrale and Ak have been there beside me threw most of them). Drama and stuff normally got in the way, and with this last one I Just left drama really played a part in it, but I have to say it wasn’t ALL drama, more total exhaustion on my part. Staying up late at night researching strategies and wondering how I can get a so called “Casual Raiding” guild to progress, and then never getting a “thank you Meara” in returned, only to be called names behind my back and not getting a lick of sapport from any one. I’m now in a Hard Core Raiding Guild, and lovin’ it.

I’d Also like to make one last thing clear, I do tend to make allot of Typos (Hoping Ak picks allot of them off for me). Feel Free to tell me about ’em if I do make Big mistakes like spelling a completely different word then should be there. Other then that I really don’t care if I put a comma in the wrong spot or typed Teh. If you can understand it, it’s good enough for me.

So to end this on what I plane to do here. I plane to put my ex prince of W.o.W. out there for any one who may be interested in learning from it. I would always love to be asked questions and I will always love to give answers, and if I don’t know the answer, I will always be more then willing to find out for you. Since it benefits me as well as it dose you. I will also be putting up some of my own guides for stuff up here, since I have always enjoyed writing them. Since My PreWOW days I used to write guides for an old MMO game, that is probably still out there.

So to sum this all up, ask me those burning questions you may have, I will answer you. If you make rude statements you will be ignored and I will delete comments. So lets stay mature here and we all shall be happy. With that it mind Nice to Meet you all and hope you have fun!




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