Differant Types of Meat (Shields)

6 03 2008

I was thinking of what topic should I write about first, and I over heard a conversation in General Channel when in Karazhan. Stating that “Druid’s Can’t tank” and always hearing a lot of discussion about Paladin’s not being able to tank either. So I guess I wanna stick my neck out there a little bit and prove any one who says a curtain class cant do something is wrong.

To start off before we have to go threw the brake. That Skill has a lot to do with saying “who can” and “who can’t” and there’s really nothing you can read about to improve your skill at your class and or spec. That comes from experience, and the only way to get that, witch is to run every instance you can until you got it down to the point you can multi-task. The Same goes for healers. What you can read more about is Gearing and Spell/skill rotations and suggestions on how to go about things.

More After the brake.
Now, I will define a good tank, from my experience as a Druid tank and as a Holy Priest.
First thing is being able to hold a mob well and being able to keep it of other people. I understand some times there’s unruly DPS that tends to pull off you, try and keep it and if that DPS continues to pull, maybe he dose need to have a wake up call. Keep in mind, your healer will have the urge to keep every one alive even if some one isn’t going there job, so before teaching any one a lesson make sure your healer is aware of this, so he/she knows how to address it. As a tank you need to set your priorities, just as your healer needs to do. Your Healer is the top priority but DPS is vary needed.

Second catching mobs “In-Mid Air” as I call it, and is exactly what it is. When you choose to pull with crowed control you need to be ready to pick up all mobs that will be running to kill your party member that CCed First. Also catching broken CC before it attacks and Kills your healers and Clothies. This requires for you to have a grate sense of what is going on around you for patrols, and keeping an eye on your mobs and all the other mobs in combat.
Third being able to hold Multiple mobs at once. Some classes have a better advantage at this then the others, but they all can hold at-lest 3. This takes a lot of knowledge about your self and about the mobs you are up against but also some times is completely unavoidable. You need to know on how much you get hit for and what the mobs can do. If mobs can stun in any way. It would be a bad idea to multi tank that mob with others. Reason for this is normally Mobs that stun us that as an Agro dump, fear is another one of these. If you are going to an instance for the first time and looking up Boss strategies make sure to look up Trash mobs as well. since normally you will be more likely tanking multiple trash mobs then boss adds.

Forth and last, you need to know what your class and its abilities, and always willing to push them to the limits. What I mean about that is not to run in and pull the whole instance and blame it on the healers for not keeping you up could you would have been able to do it. Know how much damage you can take and learn your healer as well (Even though this will be easier for Guild mates rather then pugs) but pull a few tester mobs and mark how much damage you took and how much they healed you for. If all was good start pushing it a bit, you will in the end learn something about your self and give some experience to your healer and DPS.


I’ll explanation the most least wanted of all the potential tanking classes. The tankadin (Protection Specd Paladin). The reason why I think a lot of people have trouble with tankadins. Is not that they can’t tank, but normally the Paladin really doesn’t have the Skill, the right gear, or really took a look at all the grate tanking potential the Protection Tree as.

The Paladin is the AOE tank. They can hold countless amounts of mobs and not loos agro on them. People say they can only Multi tank Undead. I find that to be completely wrong. They just tank Undead Better. Holy Wrath and Consecration, along with Holy Shield and Blessing of Sanctuary have no general direction that they go, so they can hit any mob at any time, or multiple mobs. There Taunt can pull up to 3 targets off of any given Party member. With this potential and ability to tank and hit multiple mobs at the same time. Remember to Watch out for CC. Consecrating near a sheep or a shackle will brake it.

Paladins need the fallowing Stats in order, Defence, Stamina, Block/strength, Spell Damage, and Intellect/MP5. Now your probably saying right now that Defence and Spell power can never be found. I will like to contest that statement. You really don’t need as much spell damage as the DPS classes, but enough to bust your Consecrate, Holy Shield, Exorcism, Holy Wrath, and Blessing of Sanctuary. There is a nice Set out there to start off with, The Righteous Armor, It has Defence and all the stats that will push the paladin along. The rest of the peaces can be filled up by Warrior gear until you find better suited stuff. The Continuum Blade or the Mana Wrath, are nice weapons for you they have no defence but the rest of the stats really benefit you. One last side note on Defence, If you are Planing to tank Karazhan and Heroics, You need to have at-lest 490 defence. No need to really go above that.

As for Specs, I won’t go to far in to this topic. So I’ll give you a cookie cutter build. I am in no way saying YOU HAVE TO SPEC THIS WAY OR YOU WILL SUCK. Just use it as a guide and find out what works best for you. 12/44/05 Protection.


Now on for the DPS tank I Guess you can say. The Farel Druid, Bear tank. Now this one is nothing like the other two tanking classes, So don’t go off any other thing in this explanation then what I’m saying here. Proper Gear really isn’t easy to get. A lot of reputation grinding and so on so forth. As a druid how ever you will put out damage while you tank. That is a vary good thing specially in long drawn out fights. You are also a wild card, You can tank in one forum and then DPS by just switching to another.

Druids are the Dodge tank, they do not have Parry or Block, so there only types of Mitigation is Dodge and Armor. The Stats in order from importance to least for a Tanking Druid are as fallows. Armor, Stamina/Health, Dodge/Agility, Defence, and Strength. Druids Unlike Warriors and Paladins need less Defence, only 417 rather then the 490. Since of a talent that helps them out. Armor and Stamina is the best way to deal with that, and well geared enough a Druid tank can have 30k Armor and 20k Health, no joke. Dodge and Agility is a must here since its the only way to avoid crushing blows. Strength on the other hand Isn’t all that needed but is always a nice added bonus that comes with most druid tanking gear.

Since there’s only One set in mind that could possible fit the druid role, is a nice starter, but don’t keep holding on to the set bonus. Strength of the Clefthoof is that set, the Boots are really the only thing that will last you a long time (till black temple if the right gems are put in) but this will be a good starter gear will you gear out. The Gear you will be mostly looking for look a lot like this, Tree-Mender’s Belt. They have all the stats you will need once you finish off your Defence. For Weapon there’s only One that really comes to mind in Pre-Kara terms, The Earthwarden. Yes you need Exalted with CE but in the process you will be getting your skill and experience up with that. I say go for it, and besides if your a Leather-Workers you get the Nethercleft Armor Kits, witch are really nice!

Now we are again down to Spec, so here we are with the cookie cutter build.


Now warrior is the common chose for tank, and are the more common forum of them. They also have the more easier way of going about for gear, So I will cut this explanation short. There is already plenty of people out there talking about warrior tanks any way.

Warriors can take take a beating, but they don’t deal allot of damage, and some of warriors really struggle multi-tanking. So make sure you as a warrior focus on that Multi tanking skill. Cleave Thunderclap, and TAB-Sunder, may help you with that, and remember Practise makes perfect.

Stats you will need as a warrior is as fallows, Defence, Health, Armor, Strength/Block, and Agility/Dodge/Parry. The FelSteel is probably a good chose since I have been pointing out Sets, filling up the rest as seen fit will help you get along. You will have to add a new stat to that collection witch is Hit/Expertise. This will increase your Agro gain when you get up in to the high levels of raiding. Since only Strength will increases your damage you will find you will start missing allot, and not causing any threat or generating any rage.
So here’s the Cookie Cutter Build for y’all.


I hope by explaining things here, not like any one is even reading this, haha, that some of the “this class can’t tank” arguments will stop. If not it wont be a total disappointment. I hope I atlest got it out there, I also hope to do more of this kinda thing.




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