Here’s the Ak

7 03 2008

Well I suppose it is time to do this, I’ve never been quite good at writing things….some time way in the past I was asked to write a diary for the school, to make a possibly long and full of rants story short, I used to fill the entries with something along the lines of “Dear diary, today I did the same as yesterday, bye.”

So ok, who the fuzz am i? I’m one of the mexican guys playing wow in US servers, I love the game and I love gaming in general, I’m a technitian for now, also for now I have quite a crappy job so whatever. I like computers, and although I can not fit in the nerd or geek category, I am a bit of both. So…being I like games, and are a nerd-ish/geek-ish, gadget-lovin, tech addict, I would guess that’s what one can expect from my posts, with a bit of ranting here and there, to spice things up a bit.

That was the sort of out-of-wow intro…i guess the who am i thing…
So, for WoW, I am an altaholic, so is not like I can just say “this is my toon, all cool”, more like, my main, the toon that first reached 60 back in the days of 60-cap, and the one I love to play with the most, is a night elf rogue, named Akhellar, after a nickname I picked from a story that developed quite….deeply but just in my head. Other toons I play often with are a level 70 human prot-warrior, a level 70 draenei frost-mage, a level 70 NE priest…ok that one is sorta retired now, and a level 64ish prot-pally, blood elf.

Oh yes!, I’m Meara’s husband 😛

Now…why is my priest retired? if zomg healers are always needed!!. I’ve been healing for around 2 years now, when my priest hit 60 exactly because healers were needed. I was tired and sick of sitting for hours “LFM Healer” for whatever instance, and having the group break because no healer came to the rescue. Also, the guild I was in had a lack of healers….active ones anyhow, so I made one for them, rushed to 60 and first day as 60, off I go to heal UBRS, was a blast, quite some adrenaline rush for me, first instance healed and was a 10 man.

It’s been a while, and I don’t remember how exactly that one went, I do know I made some big mistakes, but soon after, I was off healing ZG, AQ20, and even MC…with a few more time I was main healing them. I don’t mean to be cocky, but I am good at that…adapting to classes and roles within a group, and doing it fast.

By the time BC came out, I had some options, one was rush the priest t0 70 and keep being the main healer of our guild, rush my warrior to 70 and become guild tank, or just go for the rogue and…..ok who am i kidding, it was either the priest or the warrior. The choice was made with the guild master, the priest should hit 70 first…so he did. As time passed I went on to main heal KZ, and those times when I solo healed UBRS were far behind, but whenever I saw a rogue running around with shiny weapons and dark-looking leather, I’d cringe, the rogue in me wanted out.

Finally I had my shot, we (Meara and I) changed guilds -more on that in another post maybe- and with that, my opportunity to finally leave the priest alone and using him to tailor and disenchant/enchant, and my rogue came back to action….and you know what? I ain’t that rusty and boy am I enjoying it…however…

….there’s one I enjoy a lot too…Tanking!, lately as you may or not know, Meara went and took an offer very hard to refuse, her druid went as alt and her priest as main…healer, a damn good one. Anyway, I’ve tanked for her, and hell, I’ve tanked heroic!! That night I did it, I remember myself yelling “I’M F#$%ING TANKING!”….sorry it was funny at the time. So, what will it be? I don’t know, but I will enjoy the rogue as much as I can, and since the new guild we’re with is awesome and the guys there are actually encouraging me to play him rather than saying “go back and heal, we need your priest”, I’m staying there.

Anyhow, lunch time now and I need to get home.

So, this is Ak, or A.K. as some say it, nice to meet you all, I’ll be around.

AK out…




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