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18 03 2008

Well this past week was hard…hard as in I took a week off work. The first time I take vacations in my whole work-force life. And damn it was needed. Anyway, so why would it be hard? well, it’s all about the choices I had to make…whether to rent this xbox 360 game or that one, or stick to WoW. Whether to play till I drop tired of watch a movie with Meara, so on. In the end it turned out to be balanced. I spent some time with the 360, some time with the wife either going out or staying at home watching movies, and some time playing WoW, mostly raiding.

So, what games did I enjoy? I’d put it up right here but last time Meara showed me the beauty of breaking the post. So, I’ll name the games here and go more in-depth into my opinions about them after the break. First I rented Devil May Cry 4 and Lost Odyssey, then after turning those back I got Gears of War and Mass Effect, also got Hour to Victory…*sigh* my bad, but there’s a reason for that. Anyway, currently have Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

So, my opinions and more of the rant after the break?…

Ok so, first things first…I popped Lost Odyssey’s first disc out of 4…the second I opened the box thingy and saw it was 4 discs I figured it was going to be one of those “you won’t finish it in time” deal, so I played for a bit, interesting game, but doesn’t “grab” you from the beginning, so I swapped it for a movie and then for DMC4…

Devil May Cry 4…whoa, Ok, now that’s a game to pass some time, easy at first, gradually getting harder, but just hard enough to put up some challenge and stirr some NES-controller-throwing action inside me. Story does grab you from the start, specially because you find yourself thinking “Who the fuzz is this Nero guy? Where is badass-Dante?”. Anyhow, exceptional story not often found in a hack ‘n’ slash game, awesome jaw dropping art and graphics, amazing but easy control for yet more jaw dropping stylish combos. I had a blast, and yes I did beat the game.

Back to Lost Odyssey…once you put more time into it and get more into the plot, it starts grabbing you, compelling you to find out what’s up next, what happened to the main characters to make them as they are, what are the bad guys planning and what betrayal plot is coming now. A bit above average graphics for what I’ve played, but nothing spectacular, traditional old-style jRPG gameplay and art, turn battles, magic and stuff like that. Good if you have the patience and the time, and are not looking for innovation in game-play mechanics.

Phew ok…Mass Effect. Great story, grabs you from the very start, nice graphics, best voice acting i’ve seen in a game so far. Very frustrating at parts, specially while in the rover/tank thingy. Other than that, I really enjoyed it, too bad it was also an RPG and as such, I had no time to finish it, due to other things to do.

Gears of War? I still have yet to play that game, I rented it, the disc turned out to be damaged, so I went, bitched and they gave me a free rental, grabbed Half Life Orange box, got home, turned out that I didn’t realize I actually took a WWII game which name I don’t really remember because it was lame, I think it was called Hour to Victory or something like that, not sure tho.

Now as far as Mario Galaxy goes, it’s a really nice game, yes childlish, yes simple, but it’s very fun to play, and it really REALLY brought back very nice memories. I’ll say it’s a great game for the kids but also a great game to just spend some time, I played it a lot while waiting for the AV queue time (42 mins horde side, geeze).

So, yes it was some busy vacations, dedicated purely to leisure and relaxation, spent time with my wife and with our games and such, productive? not one bit, fun?, like i hadn’t had in years.

Then in WoW, went to Karazhan, shoulders didn’t drop off the chess event for my rogue, again. Then Prince Malch decided to be nice and drop me Malchazeen or what not, yay! I’m in all purples now except those damn shoulders and trinket…and ranged…um…ok.

The pally is still stuck at 65 but with somewhere around the 4k honor points, nailed a lot of AV in which, as prot spec. I healed…and I had quite a blast. Oh yes, I made a blood elf rogue, couldn’t resist anymore. Anyway, that’ll be it for now, cause the wall of text is quite long …yep sorry.




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