Hitting the Sunwell, spanking Kael’thas!

26 03 2008

Yep, I did say at the end of last post that I was going to the Sunwell Isle, well, not only did I do Curator and Shade last night on the rogue, and got some great guild news, but also went on the the Magister’s Terrace.

So, first things first, I wasn’t planing on raiding, rather just sitting out getting DKP, since I figured the only other rogue besides the class leader was raiding tonight (we’re only 3 rogue mains in the guild, woot!). So that means I got 4 badges, putting me at 91.

Then Meara wanted a phoenix hatchling, so she put up a group together for Magister’s Terrace, but she went on her druid, she tanked it. We had one of the guild’s resto druids healing, our old-guild’s-main-tank-turned-dps-turned-elemental shaman, on his dps warrior, our guild master’s fire mage and Ari…my quite undergeared frost mage.

In we went, and I have to say, it is a great place, quite packed, hard pulls, multi-mob pulls also. Meara was loving the fact of her swipe not breaking the sheeps, so swipe away she did. We beat the whole thing, it is a bit harder than what I expected. Kael dropped the Leather epic boots and some leather healing chestpiece, Meara took the boots and the resto druid took the chestpiece, altho he already had better.

Ari did get an upgrade (my frost mage), she got the cloth bracers off the first boss. And the priestess (3rd boss?) dropped the throwing knives. Fury warrior got them. Those would have been a nice upgrade for my rogue but hey, they’ll drop again eventually.

Ari did die in several points…more specifically I think she died in every boss fight except the second one, and that’s just because I chickened out and Ice blocked. We wiped a lot too, Meara was rusty, our healer was seemingly tired, but we had fun in the end. The Kael’thas fight is very interesting and fun in a way.

Oh yes, the guild good news was that this sunday, we’ll go to Gruul’s. That’s exciting and great news for us, I have been there, but not with this guild, and I had a lot of fun. So i have until then to gather the rest of mats for my enchants. And maybe hopefully go for my first piece of badge loot….the weapon, main hand. But that will be another post 😛

Ak out!

On an Edit thingy here:
We went again to Magister’s Terrace a couple days ago…last pull had us wiping like a bunch of nooblets, we ended up quitting and shit but sheesh it was a mess.




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