Thoughts on Patch 2.4 and Beyond.

26 03 2008

Yeah well, everybody is talking about it and what not, so I’ll be one more of those. By now, talking about the new features and the new stuff is completely pointless, as most news sites have done so already. The only thing I’m intending to do here is give my opinion and overall thoughts about it, from a rogue point of view as a raider mainly…maybe.

So 2.4 hit us, with that, addons got wrecked, Meara already did some salvaging, and at lunch time I parked my rogue over Kara, so I can just hop in and get an invite. Anyhow, only error I saw was related to FuBar, not sure exactly how and why, will have to check after work today, I have a feeling ALL the addons are enabled, meaning some of them are overlapping, such as RatingBuster and one of the Auctioneer bundle…the one that modifies the tooltips.

That’s for addons, now let’s see, as for PvP, I didn’t have the chance to test the changes to it on the PTRs, not the battlegrounds or arenas anyway, I did test the medals and tokens turn-in quests, and they’ll bring me closer to S1 weapon…except, I feel like waiting a couple weeks or more, just in case they put out the S2 ones for honor. Other than that, I don’t know, it should be interesting queuing in AV premades and such.

Badge Loot? Ok here’s the big focus of the post anyway…the new phat epix…I have heard so many times about how they are welfare epics, how Blizzard is dumbing down the game and so on. I’ll be honest, I have never been past Gruul’s, and to avoid giving me heartaches, I haven’t really actually looked at the gear dropped off BT or Hyjal, just a few of TK and SSC, but that’s all. So I can’t compare those against badge loot. But I will say something, at least 4 pieces of the badge loot are BIG upgrades for my rogue. Chestpiece, belt and weapons….oh yes, leggings…make that 5. Now, this is supposed to be Blizzard dumbing it down because…as I have read the point of view from more Elite Hardcore players, it’s easy to get.

So let’s see….badge loot is for casual-ish players, I’m neither casual nor hardcore, I raid at least 4 times a week, for as long as job allows me to. That means I normally am not present for a full clear of Karazhan, but more like 5 bosses (Opera event, Curator, Shade, Prince and Nightbane), when I was on vacation, I had the chance to do Netherspite but that’s pretty much it. The guild doesn’t have ZA clear, as far as I know we just got up to the Lynx avatar.

Ok that considered, I also have to say the guild takes invite priorities based on who needs what of said boss, and who can get it is at the same time determined by DKP, as you might’ve imagined, based on what I typed before, I don’t have much DKP, because of the schedule I have. Therefore, many times I find myself sitting out, sometimes because X or Y person need loot off a boss I already have gear from, or because I don’t have gear from said boss but someone else, above me in the ladder, does need gear off said boss, and while I am building up DKP by boss kills sitting out, I am also not receiving badges.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great guild, but out of the potential amount of badges I could be getting, I’m really not getting even half of them. Here comes the problem. The amount of upgrades makes available through badge gear is good, and according to my math, I do need around 400+ badges. How many I have? 87. It’s gonna be a while.

More after the break 😛

Now let’s see…I don’t see much welfare in this set of purplez. Specially if I have to put up the same amount of effort and yes, cash for consumables and wipes, and the same amount of time to actually get a piece of gear that according to what I’ve read, could or not be better than something out of BT. Yes, wipes…lots of them, the difference with the hardcore elite guilds, they may be wiping at BT, we’re doing so at ZA.

Even if I could assist to all the raids and get all boss kills…even if I could get all ZA clears. How many badges would ZA, Kara, Gruul’s and possibly Mag yield? Certainly would mean maybe a few weeks of raiding…but being realistic, for me, it’s more around the few months mark.

So…all of a sudden my enthusiasm with the new patch’s badge gear is not as big. I actually was ingenuous enough to make plans to get badges on my mage and warrior and finally gear them up. Those plans just went poof. My pally? Maybe will get some stuff done, but i highly doubt it, and I mean very highly.

However, that doesn’t mean I’ll go QQ (this rant should not be taken as QQ 😛 )or get discouraged or something, no. I have something to achieve now in-game, and I’ll make damn sure I do get some sweet purplez, my purpose now is clear, gear up mainly the rogue, but do not hesitate to get some stuff for the mage and warrior. The pally just keep it there for the reason I actually built it in the first place, not to raid or get nicely geared, but to help a friend get his ‘lock up to 70.

So, what was the point of the wall of text now?. I was just wondering, if it’s not really that easy to get the gear supposed to be for the more casual raiders, why do the hardcore elites have so much problem with us “scrubs” getting good gear?

Akhellar out! and off to Sunwell Isle!!….not.




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