Altitis and it’s revenge on Ak!

15 04 2008

Ok, previously I mentioned how the new guild took on Karazhan just for the heck of it, right? And in my “introduction” I also mentioned I have some alts, correct? If you didn’t read it, I have 4 level 70 alts, one of which is a priest, holy priest. And according to some, a very good one, if undergeared for top half Kara. So, with Curator down, we were planning to go down Aran, and the rest, Ak was in there, and healers were ready, no problems I saw.

A few pulls into it, and running a bit late, one of our priests had connection issues, they needed a healer, my priest was available, someone thought it was a good idea, Deilanis came in. Needless to say I would have liked the rogue to be in for Netherspite and the Chess event, but ok, they needed healing. Shade dropped a couple of healing items that actually were upgrades, so I took them, then off we went to Netherspite.

After a bit of struggling and running back and forth, I ended up being the only healer up, anyway the rest of the group survived fine, and Netherspite went down….and yes, of course, Spiteblade drops….I did QQ for a while…. Read the rest of this entry »


Picking up the pieces…

14 04 2008

Akhellar has been in 6 guilds so far. The first one was one of the largest guilds in the server (or that’s what other non-guilies said at the time), that doesn’t mean they were good, just a lot of people. From then, it’s been a great deal of drama, and a lot of guild hopping. Out of 6 guild he has been in, 4 have gone down, and only one we left (we being Meara and myself).

I’ll spare any readers of all the drama, but will just say, it’s starting to be too much. The “problem” comes when you get attached. The first guild Ak was in, was so full of people that I really didn’t talk to a lot of them, and only ran Wailing Caverns once with them, I was 20-something. It broke up when I was in the mid-forties. From then until 60 I was on my own, with Meara eventually catching up with me. We joined the next guild together.

Problems with leadership made it split. That’s when it started for me, from then, I have found myself picking up the pieces of broken guilds, not alone, of course, but that doesn’t make it any different, or easier. The reason why we rebuilt from DW2, the one I was with Meara in, was friendships within the guild, and the potential to do good in raids with those that joined. It broke up too, gruesome and boring drama-details should be left for another time, maybe.  Read the rest of this entry »

The Drama Continues

11 04 2008

We have All faced Guild Drama once or twice, seen the worse in people in this game. What Seems to be like a stable progressing guild, falls to peaces in the matter of a few hours. You are left to decide something. Friends or Gain.

I have been so close to end-game content I have smelled it, cooking off in the distance. When I pick up my fork to dig in the sweet glory. I realize the victory is far out of reach.

I’ve seen many ways that guilds flourish and guilds fall. Drama DRAMA DRAMA! Is there really some place out there, some guild out there that has Zero Drama?! I Would LOVE to know.

Today I had to leave Prowess, Jynks and Zass behind. I have grown to like them so much, but I can’t deny the fact Hud and torys and them are more my friends then Jynks was. I had to make a very difficult decision. As always I regret it, but yet I don’t.

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Dailies Dailies Dailies!!!(one)!1

7 04 2008 Do apologize for my lack of posting. I actually have several Posts like the last one I did (Different types of Meat Shields) Sitting around for Healers. Lately I have been doing nothing but Dailies and Raiding.

I start dailies at around 9-10:30 Server time and do ALL of them.

Island of Quel’Danas -> Nagrand -> HellFire Pen. -> Terrokar -> Blade’s Edge -> Nether Storm. In that order. I normally finish roughly around 1:30pm My time, and normally have about and Hour until lunch. After Lunch I have an hour till raid. BOY! I don’t even have time to LOOK at my Alts! So I Guess since that’s what I have been doing I’ll talk about the dailies. Since Ak beat me to talking about Gruul! That Cheater! 😦

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Second Gruul’s Lair

5 04 2008

Well as I was saying, yesterday was our second Gruul’s Lair run, and opposite than last time, we finished the whole thing in one night. I wasn’t there from the beginning, they were done with Maulgar when I arrived, and had just wiped on Gruul himself. Apparently the Rogue, Paladin, Shaman shoulder tokens dropped…Oh well.

So I got on anyway, to just sit out there and dkp-whore a bit while they downed it. However one dps had to go, and they needed one dps, I was outside….hell, jump in!. So I did, I ran while drinking my flask, got there, ate my buff food, poisoned up, and was ready to slash at it. We downed it, one shot….yes yes i know, they needed my Uber dps….uh huh.

Anyway, that made me happy, I dished out bunch of damage, I did NOT die this time (woohooo), AND, the ugly mofo dropped the Dragonspine Trophy, I had the most dkp among the dps, so my stealthy ass got it. YAY!.

I also completed the quest that asks you for drops off Prince in Kara and Gruul. We finished early, so 10 of us wen off to Zul’Aman, for a quick 2 boss run. I came in for Akil’zon, hoping for the sword to drop. Of course it didn’t, that would have made last night a very beautiful one.

Anyway, in another subject, I HAZ EPIX WINGS!~

Gruul’s Lair guild run impressions.

4 04 2008

As I said in one of my previous posts, we went on a guild run to Gruul’s Lair, had to pug a few slots but the mayority of us (2 PuG’d raiders) was guild. Took us around 10 minutes to organize, another 10 to explain mostly the overall tactics. While at the same time we waited for a slot we had open, yes I do think we 24 manned it.

Anyway, it went relativelly smooth for the few trash pulls, once getting to Maulgar and his pack, the strat got explained in detail, tanks and healers were assigned, kill order was given and all was apparently clear…well, tough luck, we wipe. Bad pull, and as the RL said, the pull was critic for the success of the fight. On our second attempt, we had some troubles with positioning of enemies and with people opening up too soon, not letting our new feral tank get enough threat on the first target. Another wipe. Third try rolled, we owned that one, all went down smooth, no casualties…and then we got to Maulgar…yours trully ran away fast when Maulgar did his whirlwind move…all would have been good, except for the part where I was running away…into a wall. Heh, well I died, also some people didn’t move quite as fast, and also died, and then when he charged, I think it took the off-tank by surprise, but got a quick recovery, and Maulgar went down, only 4 deaths I believe.

Loot was distributed, dkp awarded, we moved on, after a 10 min. break. Gruul didn’t want to take his dirt-nap that day, so after a few wipes the raid was called, agreeing to come back the next day. Joy, that meant monday at 7 server. I wasn’t going to be on.

Now, that was first day of Gruul’s tries, it was fun and a good test of the guild’s capabilities and group efforts. It was good, being that many people were first timers, both in guild and in GL. From what I could see, the hardest part for us was coordinating on the shatters, and for some reason, the off-tank was dieing too soon. As such, and being a melee, the reason for my deaths at Gruul were the Hurtful Strikes…a really appropriate name for the skill, was getting cracked for up to 20,000 damage. Some other people died because of the cave-in thing…something very stupid if you ask me, being at it is in no way hard to miss. And of course, the shatters, people would keep walking into each other and such, and killing themselves. According to WWS, I only had 3 Shatter hits, oops.

So what happened next?, well, after the break! Read the rest of this entry »