Gruul’s Lair guild run impressions.

4 04 2008

As I said in one of my previous posts, we went on a guild run to Gruul’s Lair, had to pug a few slots but the mayority of us (2 PuG’d raiders) was guild. Took us around 10 minutes to organize, another 10 to explain mostly the overall tactics. While at the same time we waited for a slot we had open, yes I do think we 24 manned it.

Anyway, it went relativelly smooth for the few trash pulls, once getting to Maulgar and his pack, the strat got explained in detail, tanks and healers were assigned, kill order was given and all was apparently clear…well, tough luck, we wipe. Bad pull, and as the RL said, the pull was critic for the success of the fight. On our second attempt, we had some troubles with positioning of enemies and with people opening up too soon, not letting our new feral tank get enough threat on the first target. Another wipe. Third try rolled, we owned that one, all went down smooth, no casualties…and then we got to Maulgar…yours trully ran away fast when Maulgar did his whirlwind move…all would have been good, except for the part where I was running away…into a wall. Heh, well I died, also some people didn’t move quite as fast, and also died, and then when he charged, I think it took the off-tank by surprise, but got a quick recovery, and Maulgar went down, only 4 deaths I believe.

Loot was distributed, dkp awarded, we moved on, after a 10 min. break. Gruul didn’t want to take his dirt-nap that day, so after a few wipes the raid was called, agreeing to come back the next day. Joy, that meant monday at 7 server. I wasn’t going to be on.

Now, that was first day of Gruul’s tries, it was fun and a good test of the guild’s capabilities and group efforts. It was good, being that many people were first timers, both in guild and in GL. From what I could see, the hardest part for us was coordinating on the shatters, and for some reason, the off-tank was dieing too soon. As such, and being a melee, the reason for my deaths at Gruul were the Hurtful Strikes…a really appropriate name for the skill, was getting cracked for up to 20,000 damage. Some other people died because of the cave-in thing…something very stupid if you ask me, being at it is in no way hard to miss. And of course, the shatters, people would keep walking into each other and such, and killing themselves. According to WWS, I only had 3 Shatter hits, oops.

So what happened next?, well, after the break!

And apparently in they went, next day. I was at work so I really couldn’t tell what happened next, all I know is when I got home, they were still at it. With that in mind, I rushed online, went to the entrance and sat there, loot-whoring but ready in case they needed one more. And they did, but they didn’t want melee, they needed ranged DPS, and guess who has a level 70 alt that happens to be ranged dps? Yep, that’s right, yours truly. So I get on Ari, the undergeared frost mage, and in I went, buffed, got my consumables consumed, and went to rock Gruul’s Lair. Things are different from a caster’s perspective, squishable by even 1 Cave-in, and crushable even by a single 3-person Shatter, I had to be on my toes the whole time.

I believe we one-shot the mofo, went OOM by the end of it, but the fact I had a shaman in the group and was in range of totems and such helped a lot, slowed my dps considerably, but still allowed me to pop him consistently enough to keep my Winter’s Chill debuff on Gruul. I was blasting the thing for 3k+ per Frostbolt, that’s the biggest I’ve seen my mage hitting, unknown how I did it but I did.

He went down, I got my 3 shards, people got their tokens, a very nice shield for our MT.

Overall was a very nice experience, all the participants were very excited and I think several of the raiders of the guild got their hopes right back on. It’s very enjoyable to hear the howls of joy after getting a nice accomplishment like a first kill. Right now, as I type this, they’re attempting it for the week, all luck to them and I hope to get a crack at Gruul himself at least.

With that, I’m off.




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