Second Gruul’s Lair

5 04 2008

Well as I was saying, yesterday was our second Gruul’s Lair run, and opposite than last time, we finished the whole thing in one night. I wasn’t there from the beginning, they were done with Maulgar when I arrived, and had just wiped on Gruul himself. Apparently the Rogue, Paladin, Shaman shoulder tokens dropped…Oh well.

So I got on anyway, to just sit out there and dkp-whore a bit while they downed it. However one dps had to go, and they needed one dps, I was outside….hell, jump in!. So I did, I ran while drinking my flask, got there, ate my buff food, poisoned up, and was ready to slash at it. We downed it, one shot….yes yes i know, they needed my Uber dps….uh huh.

Anyway, that made me happy, I dished out bunch of damage, I did NOT die this time (woohooo), AND, the ugly mofo dropped the Dragonspine Trophy, I had the most dkp among the dps, so my stealthy ass got it. YAY!.

I also completed the quest that asks you for drops off Prince in Kara and Gruul. We finished early, so 10 of us wen off to Zul’Aman, for a quick 2 boss run. I came in for Akil’zon, hoping for the sword to drop. Of course it didn’t, that would have made last night a very beautiful one.

Anyway, in another subject, I HAZ EPIX WINGS!~




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