Dailies Dailies Dailies!!!(one)!1

7 04 2008

http://www.focus-dailies.net/I Do apologize for my lack of posting. I actually have several Posts like the last one I did (Different types of Meat Shields) Sitting around for Healers. Lately I have been doing nothing but Dailies and Raiding.

I start dailies at around 9-10:30 Server time and do ALL of them.

Island of Quel’Danas -> Nagrand -> HellFire Pen. -> Terrokar -> Blade’s Edge -> Nether Storm. In that order. I normally finish roughly around 1:30pm My time, and normally have about and Hour until lunch. After Lunch I have an hour till raid. BOY! I don’t even have time to LOOK at my Alts! So I Guess since that’s what I have been doing I’ll talk about the dailies. Since Ak beat me to talking about Gruul! That Cheater! 😦

First Ill Start off with saying WHY Dailies are important to me! Maybe that’s why they will be/are important to you.

  1. They are a steady source of Incoming “GOLD” Can’t beat it! even if you don’t have your “Epix Bird” yet, you still get roughly 200g a Day! So that’s 1,000g A week. 5 weeks and 1 day till you have a “Epix bird” just like Ak. Why are Epic Flying mounts so needed? There not NEEDED per-say. But if you think about it. Faster Movement Speed means faster money Gain! Faster Money Gain means you have plenty of money to spend on Epic patterns, and Mats for those (like Hearts of Darkness).
  2. They are so damn cool! Just look at the Nether Drake, the Hippogryph, the Nether Ray, Phoenix, Epic Flight Forum plane old Bird/Cat Thing.
  3. They Open up more dailies, out in Shadow Moon, Witch will DOUBLE your money intake from 200 a day to 400 a day. Not only will this pay for Epic Patterns but also Large repair bills, and that Restocking of Mana/health pots you have to do once a week. It will also help Feed Alts.
  4. Along the way you also get Lots of Mote of Manas and fires.

Well Lets Get off that topic cause I can explain to you a Million ways why dailies are So important to me. I have made about 2.2k Gold So far (considering what Ak owes me for the Epic Bird and the Swift strike Shoulder Pattern).  You might thing that 1 month and a Week is a long time for getting something. Just think of it this way. You Spend how many Out of Game playing WoW? How long did it take you go get your Badge of Justice Stock pile for your new 150 badge Healing mace!? Took you just as long I bet you!

So lets stop talking about that half of it. Now lets get on to the actual quests!

Now the Isle of Quel’Danas, has at the point we are on 8 quest (was 5 when I started tyeing this. Gratz Sen’jin! Now get that Smith Lickity Split!) You have the Ones you have to kill The Wretches for blue powder (x4) and Zap a crystal, and you have to zap Sentries with what looks like Fishing Bubbles (Ha). Those are Simple! Shouldn’t take you too long, Rogues and Farel Druids don’t even have to Stelth to kill them in less then 3 sec. If the place is over crowded I normaly Just keep moving back until I see less people.

2nd Two quests. Are rather Simple Kill 6 demons and stab a flag in to a Named one. the other one is you have to jump on a Dragon hawk over by the Docks and take a trip to the back side of Sunwell to Bomb Demons. 2 Pit lords. 3 Eredar Magi, and 12 Wrath guys. Pit loads Die in 2 hits. Magi and Wrath guys die in one. I just Put the Item on Hot Key “1” zoom all the way out and blast them. Takes a few tries to get use to, but you can do it one shot.

Last of the 5 I know. is You have to take readings on a Blood Crystal (it’s in a Building near the first 2 quests). A Naga Shrine (You pass over it on the Bombing Run) and the last one is by the demon you stab witht he flag (you go there any way at the start, you get a srcoll that sends you to HellFire.)

These quests are rather easy and if not too many people are farming the area. You can take 30 min max on them.

In Hell Fire You have a Little Ball of Fire run around with you and get zapped with a red Bolt every time you kill a fire elemental. You can also stand next to some one when they kill it. Be Nice though and help kill or heal them!  The Last one there you have to Drain Blood Elves with Demon Blood. They are elites before you Zap them once you zap them they are yours so zap them first! They wont hit ya if your at Max range.

The Last of the new ones is the ones in Shattrath.  Mana Cells, Google Quest, Nether Remains, Sunfury Attack plains. Not really hard to do. Mana Cells is probably the easiest one. You run up to Bash’ir’s landing in Blades Edge, Kill EtherReals till you get a Device, the device phases you out till (now we know how Imps Feel)  Run around and gather Pink Boxes on the ground, and try not to Get Agro from the Fish. One thing that is most annoying about this quest is there are allot of NINJAs! Your killing a fish and they steel your boxes. JERKS! GO ROT IN DEADMINES!

Googles is Easy as well, Run around in the BIG feild nere Talanar in Nagrand. You will See Fire Balls roming around there.Get close and Use the googles! and thats it!

Attack Planes just go to nether storm and kill ANY sunfuries till you get them, can be 1st kill can be 100th.

Nether remains, is a toughly depending on your Gathering Proffestion. If its Skinning. Just pick a spot and kill. Mining and Herbies though. its a Small Drop chance from all herbs and Mines throughout all of Outlands. That part could take a bit!

Well thats about it for now. I still have to go check out the 3 new ones that just landed, and start another week of Dailies Dailies Raid Dailies.

Oh and Last thing SSC this week end for us! WOOT!




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