The Drama Continues

11 04 2008

We have All faced Guild Drama once or twice, seen the worse in people in this game. What Seems to be like a stable progressing guild, falls to peaces in the matter of a few hours. You are left to decide something. Friends or Gain.

I have been so close to end-game content I have smelled it, cooking off in the distance. When I pick up my fork to dig in the sweet glory. I realize the victory is far out of reach.

I’ve seen many ways that guilds flourish and guilds fall. Drama DRAMA DRAMA! Is there really some place out there, some guild out there that has Zero Drama?! I Would LOVE to know.

Today I had to leave Prowess, Jynks and Zass behind. I have grown to like them so much, but I can’t deny the fact Hud and torys and them are more my friends then Jynks was. I had to make a very difficult decision. As always I regret it, but yet I don’t.

I have always wanted to see End-game content since I was level 15 (or So) on the druid. When I saw a resto druid in Dreamwalker and on a Z.G. mount. I have wanted that so badly I’d dream about it at night. Yes I know it is obsessive, I’m 100% aware of that.

I feel like a Failure in many ways. I feel like I’ll never go any where. My epic mount fund has actually lessened and I didn’t go out today with all that had happened.

I guess I should stop venting and tell you all what I have Learned from all this.

1. Don’t expect your Officers to do ALL of the work that is needed to do to make a guild run. Sure, give them stuff they need to do, but you need to make sure that their burden isn’t too much.

2. Don’t take every thing by yourself. Ask for help from your officers, is what they are there for. If you made them an officer, you should respect their ablity to do what is needed. All G.M’s have alot on their shoulders, lessen it by asking for help.

3. Support your officers! I can’t stress this enough. If you don’t support your officers. The ones YOU chose to help you with managing a guild. Then that reflects on you and your decisions.

4. Diplomacy is something all guilds need. If not that, respect for your members is key. No one wants to be in a guild with a tyrant. if they do, they have LOW Self-esteem. Learn to talk to your members well.

5. Structure. All guilds need this as well. Casual and Hard Core. If you have no structure and no rules in your guild. Your guild will run you!

Thats pretty much all I wanna post today. I hope it will help someone out there, IF anyone’s reading this. Learn from Others’ Mistakes. Don’t Laugh at them.

As for me? I donno what I’m going to do. I have more time on my hands now. I may go hunter? Who knows!




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