Picking up the pieces…

14 04 2008

Akhellar has been in 6 guilds so far. The first one was one of the largest guilds in the server (or that’s what other non-guilies said at the time), that doesn’t mean they were good, just a lot of people. From then, it’s been a great deal of drama, and a lot of guild hopping. Out of 6 guild he has been in, 4 have gone down, and only one we left (we being Meara and myself).

I’ll spare any readers of all the drama, but will just say, it’s starting to be too much. The “problem” comes when you get attached. The first guild Ak was in, was so full of people that I really didn’t talk to a lot of them, and only ran Wailing Caverns once with them, I was 20-something. It broke up when I was in the mid-forties. From then until 60 I was on my own, with Meara eventually catching up with me. We joined the next guild together.

Problems with leadership made it split. That’s when it started for me, from then, I have found myself picking up the pieces of broken guilds, not alone, of course, but that doesn’t make it any different, or easier. The reason why we rebuilt from DW2, the one I was with Meara in, was friendships within the guild, and the potential to do good in raids with those that joined. It broke up too, gruesome and boring drama-details should be left for another time, maybe. 

I’ll shorten it up, we left that one due to more drama, and lack of respect from regular member to the officers (Meara and I), and lack of support from the GM to the officers. More gruesome stories. Later we were among friends anyhow, new friends. And better raiders, more capable of following orders and as such, it seemed to be alright….HAH!, Broke up. Now we are currently picking up the pieces, again.

Fast forward to the present day, 4 days after some guild members of a good and fairly big guild detached from it, and reformed as a new one, Meara included, I had to make a choice, wife or raiding, obviously i chose wife (hey I like my bed!!…and I like my pu….nvm). Short version, we’re up and running again, new guild master has been declared and very warmly and happily welcomed, new structure of rules is in place, new scheduling of raids has been set…we officially start wednesday. However, that didn’t stop us from going on a quick Kara trip, where we almost cleared, only leaving Nightbane alive.

That’s where I am at, picking up the pieces of friends left behind, hopes shattered, plans delayed (we were going to SSC the day after the guild “broke”), expectations not met. We have to rebuild and relearn. And we’re just doing that. Here’s to a new guild, The Tarnished Crown, let’s see how well we dance together.




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