Altitis and it’s revenge on Ak!

15 04 2008

Ok, previously I mentioned how the new guild took on Karazhan just for the heck of it, right? And in my “introduction” I also mentioned I have some alts, correct? If you didn’t read it, I have 4 level 70 alts, one of which is a priest, holy priest. And according to some, a very good one, if undergeared for top half Kara. So, with Curator down, we were planning to go down Aran, and the rest, Ak was in there, and healers were ready, no problems I saw.

A few pulls into it, and running a bit late, one of our priests had connection issues, they needed a healer, my priest was available, someone thought it was a good idea, Deilanis came in. Needless to say I would have liked the rogue to be in for Netherspite and the Chess event, but ok, they needed healing. Shade dropped a couple of healing items that actually were upgrades, so I took them, then off we went to Netherspite.

After a bit of struggling and running back and forth, I ended up being the only healer up, anyway the rest of the group survived fine, and Netherspite went down….and yes, of course, Spiteblade drops….I did QQ for a while….

Also, of course, I felt really bad for wishing it hadn’t dropped, as our newest rogue got the drop. But I have been hoping for him to drop it since I started Kara with the rogue.

Anyway, off we go to Chess Event, you know the drill, easy s**t, was sort of funny, their “king” moved into our bunch of peons, and put itself pretty much in place for a slaughter by 6 of our pieces. We downed it very fast. All was cool, except, Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless drop….oh did i b***h that time on vent.

The rest of the night was uneventful, other than the rogue who got the items couldn’t stop apologizing and felt sorry mine wasn’t there. I guess, as I told her, looking at the positive side of things, I won’t have to roll against her when they drop again.

That was sunday, yesterday, the badge vendor was active in Quel’danas, and I went to blow my badges on it. Since I didn’t get the Spiteblade, I went ahead and grabbed the Main Hand dagger (I forget the name), and that was it, I’m left with 8 badges and needing to rebuild. Apparently the guild will do 8pm runs to Kara starting thursday, so who knows, I may get my badges sooner than I was expecting, I think I’ll go for the chest piece next.




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