Alts Dos and Don’ts

4 06 2008

Meara's ToonsNow that I’m a raid leader again and TTC Is getting off the ground. I have been running in to a lot of Alts and all that stuff. Don’t get me wrong! I suffer from Altitus just like most of my guildies do, but over the years I have learned a few things about where to draw the line with Alting. So first off I’ll explain the meaning of Main and Alt. After the brake that is..

Main: Means your toon that you wish to progress the most, at an early age in your raiding carrier you should have decided witch one that is. There can only be 1 main that you use, Normally the one you like the most and is the farthest progressed, Can also be what your guild needs.

Alt: Is Simply Any thing other then your main. Weather it’s a Bank toon, or your farming toon, or an ex main.

Brake Time!

Now. Yes I said there can only be one main per person. Some people would strongly disagree with me, but hey, I know there is exceptions to this rule. The only way you can have multiple mains, is the fact you have more then 1 toon able to meet the demands and play with the big boys and not hold any one back. People who switch mains too often and expect to get geared threw the hard work of your team mates will get a swift slap to the face. No question about it.

So how do you switch mains? Heres how it goes about, If you have a substantial position in the raid. Healer/Tank, you need to make sure there is some one who is reliable to fill your position, if you make the switch, and your replacement isn’t reliable, that falls on your head. Next you make sure your Up coming main Is geared enough, Meaning, Finish getting all your gear from Regular 5mans, and start working on Heroics. Get your self geared out as much as possible before you make the switch. Proffect your alt’s skills, Maxamise your DPS, Learn to Multi tank, Learn how to downrank heals. come in and show your raid that you know how to play this, impress them.

As long as you fallow these guide lines you will make your raid leader happy. Trust me I face it a bit from time to time, and have done it twice already.

Well with that short one said and done, I will start writing the next one. Oh no i wont publish it for a bit. What’s it gonna be about? Donno!




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4 06 2008

Yup, like for example my warrior can’t tank 😛

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