Moar Alts!!

4 06 2008

Well…it’s been a month since I last posted something, lil more than a month actually. In that time, a lot of things have happened, some good and some bad, but I’ll stick to the in-game stuff anyway.

As the new guild started recruiting, we found ourselves with the need to field 3 Karazhan teams, or so we thought, and ahead we went with that plan. As always, the fact you have a large player count in the guild roster doesn’t mean they all want to put effort in gearing themselves for the 25-man. They won’t show for Karazhan raids, yet they swarm the place at the 25-man day.

Anyhow, due to that and a shortage of tanks in Meara’s group (she is raid leader of her own team), Azrael, my prot warrior came into the fight. As I’ve always said, tanking is another game altogether, much different than dps and healing, and I loved it. The first time, and for having a very odd group make-up, we got far, stopping at Prince and above.

As of now, Meara appointed a new tank to the team, and so my rogue is back as part of the core of her team, I don’t mind dishing out pain and topping the damage and dps meters carefully and responsibly (uh huh), but I was starting to really like taking the hits and asking for more. Anyhow, in my very short-lived tanking career, Azrael got his T4 Gloves and Helm, the King’s Defender, Boots of whatever (dodge and def rating) Boots of Elusion, the Wrynn Dynasty Greaves (I actually got those and the T4 Gloves token the same night 😛 ), and the Mantle of Abrahamis, Moroes’ belt and a cloak. Gained enough badges to buy the Ancient Phalanx bracers, and I’m sorta half-way to my next badge upgrade, the chest piece. Of course!, the Stiletto dropped while I was not on my rogue.

Then we have Ryal, the Belf Prot. Pally, neglected for months stuck in Nagrand. He finally dinged 70 two nights ago, and went to celebrate with some Eye of the Storms. He won’t do much, just help a friend eventually hit 70, and experiment with specs in some runs every now and then.

Next in the list is my Hunter, level 55 56 now, and going thru Felwood, my goal is to get him at least to 60 soon, to then work on my druid, level 36…ish.

And really, why so many alts?. I like to know the game from the perspective of different classes. My paladin is my first hybrid, but then again a druid is much different than a paladin. Hence why i don’t just play alts to check out the differnt roles, but instead, the different class perspective. Only two I haven’t really devoted to, are shamans and warlocks, I just can’t get myself to play those yet. Some day i guess.




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