Death Knights

5 06 2008

There has been a lot of news bouncing around about the New hero class Death Knight. Supposedly the official news on it is that they will be obtainable if you have at least 1 level 55 toon on your account in any realm (You can only make ONE DK on the realm the 55 Toon is on). Witch I was hoping for an complete per account unlocking. On the other hand I can see blizzards point on making it that way. Keeps people from making 70s on all the realms they can. Witch could be like all the Gold Farmers witch completely Inflated the population to NF hunters. (I can Picture it now, Dreanei and Blood elf Death Knights EVERY WHERE RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)

Also based on the official WotLK Site. They will be like Paladins and warlocks able to summon up there own mount and have a Battle res ability. The mount I could really not care too much about But the screen shots from the UNOFFICIAL stuff flowing around The Mount is cool as Wintersprings. Only thing I hope that never crosses Blizzards Minds is a “Presence of Caffeinated Steed”. I personally find “aura of crusader” Quite pointless since it doesn’t stack with any thing else. Even your own Mount Increase Talent, and I’m rarely in party with a paladin when I’m mounted I prefer the Aspect of the Pack and I wish I can have it for those nasty wipes on Shade where you have to come in the back door and take a 10 min hike back to his closet. From the unofficial talent spec there maybe be a movement increase for the unholy spec that effects all party members. Witch I like it better that way.

More of My Thoughts After the Brake

Before I move on I have to post a picture of the Unofficial Death Charger, so every one can know why I’m making a NF DK.

A weird combo of a Horse, Dread Steed, Ram, and those Undead horses. Its Cute!

Now the battle res to ghoul, Even if you can not control the ghoul from your body, would still be nice I can stop looking and asking “Is your battle res up druids!?” Looking at arena perspective on this this shouldn’t be usable., but I strongly doubt it would be so.

Now for the stances. They are a lot like the Battle, Defensive, and Bezerker stances of the warrior.

Presence of BloodBlood (Battle), FrostFrost (Defensive), Unholy (Zerker).

Blood Filled with High DPS action incressing Attack power (or Damage out put) by a persentage. So I am Assuming it would be kinda like a Leveling/Raid DPS Stance, I would love to see really how they go about that considering they kinda messed up with fury for warriors. Listed on the official Site it is also like a Retribution paladin tree, based on your Damage and Armor. Most likely it will be based on Attack power and Critical. What I have seen from the Unofficial talent trees it is going to be more like a Shadow Priest kinda Fury Warrior kinda Rogue. Attacks that are based on how many diseases you have on your target, and A talent that gives Health to all party members based on how much you are healed for, So this also could be an Alternative tanking rout after you have all the crustal talents from Frost Tree.

As for Frost, I can’t wait to see how they go about this “Anti-Caster Tank”. Dealing with Casters have always been a big headache for tanks of all shapes and sizes. I’m sure it will be a difficult tank class to play, but I guess we will have to wait and see! From the small glance over the Unofficial tree, It looked to have a lot of “Mage” like talents. Something that works like frost armor and reduces the targets movement speed when they strike you. I don’t see how this would help those Body pulls, but it would help greatly on runners. Witch will keep that “Oh Shitz! It ran in t0 the 0ther gr0up!!!111!!” wipe moments.

Unholy on the other hand witch i had heard to be the PVP spec of the Death Knights, It is said on the Official Site to be the disease/Spell Tree. Witch would include most of the CC and their Death Coil. So In other words a Shockadin/Affliction Warlock. Death Coil being there Holy Shock Since it dose Damage or Heals the target, and the duration and damage increase of the nasty diseases they put on you. I didn’t get to look much at the unofficial talent tree, but it dose look good.

With all that typing out of the way. I’m not really sure if I should trust what I have seen on the unofficial info releases, but either way I am interested in having a death knight. It Will hopefully be a hell of a lot of fun to play. If not, well it won’t hurt me much.

So to sum every thing up, It will be a WarLockogueadin!

I’ll probably type more on this later as more of this is released, I still am summing up my thoughts on the whole Runic Power and Rune things, but I haven’t really gotten the whole concept of it yet. I’ll need the blues to sort my questions out. Like Is it going to be like a Warrior and Rogue combined or will the runes have set cool downs like 1 sec or 2 secs each? How will this effect the tanking aspect of the whole frost tree? Ugh, I have a Million questions to ask. I wish I could interview the developers them selves. I’d Be too tickled and probaly pee my panties though. Also being more interested in seeing the actual Designers at work.. “WHATS THAT?!?!?!?!” and all noobed out. HA!

So if you wanna know where I got my Information. You can Look at Deathknight Info, or




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