General Gear?!

9 06 2008

I was reading a post on WOW Insider and I thought I might as well post my comments about, witch maybe the same or may not be, but hey I don’t really care about that 😛

So heres the Deal, I’m not sure if this it will apply to melee Dps or not, But that they say is that Damage and Healing, or Healing and Damage Items my go out the window. Witch how they explained making more Generalized gear for All classes, could be a double edged sword.

The Picture on the right is some where to how I picture this gear to look like for casters. I mean Spell Hit for DPS and MP5 for Healers and the basic Stats. Spirit Stam and Intel. Now I know Intel and Spirit is better for priests then stamina, but we do need it as well, nothing like an epic one shot by Gruul’s Cave in, but all casters need Mana regen and Intel.

The one that really changed is the “Spell Power“, now this spell power equals both Damage and Healing, What your talents do with it is what makes it good for you. So for Example, Your a Holy Priest and You get an item like that, Besides the mana /5 helping you out on longevity and your spell hit to help with shackles (If there is, but since Naxx is coming back, I’m sure you will need to). You have a Talent in you tree that says “Increases your Healing by 200% of Your Spell Power” For example. Now 70*2 is we all know it as to be 140 (and god that would still be grate as a chest peace). Now to explain this for a Mage for example, You have a talent in your Say.. Fire tree that says “Increases your Fire Damage by 100% of your Spell Power” Witch is 70. (May not be so grate that way but it’s an Example). Not including talents you would still get your 70 Spell Damage and Healing from the item it self.

So To sum that all up! Your talents work more for you then your actual gear. Now my thoughts on this .. after the brake!

Now In Many ways I LOVE THIS! This way, if the same item drops weeks in arrow. You don’t have to shard stuff. Some one in the group can almost always use the item. Regardless of Spec and Class. Also the bag space won’t be taken up by the 2 sets that Priest needs, and the 2 caster sets Druids need. You can switch specs with out having to regear you self for it. This would Save half the time people take at lest and half the bag space!

The Down side to this gear stuff, Is that no class will have specialized items for there class. So things won’t be optimized for you. Meaning Spirit might be thrown out of the picture and priests getting more spell crit witch we all know its not necessary. Helpfully that isn’t the case and some how it will make it work.

As I always say, besides all that Pros and Cons of changes, We have to see How this will apply, witch the only time we will be actually be able to test this is Open Beta, or Actual Release. Not just on how the gear looks but the actual talents that will make this work. Will priests still get there favored Spirit? and Mages there Crit? and Locks there Stamina? And finally Will There be Boomkin Gear! With that all said, I do hope this works out well, and doesn’t hold any one back, and screw up game play. I’d love to spend less time gearing up my raid, and be able to gear people out fully before moving on to the next instance, and how will this effect trinkets?

So really to explain this with most of the WotLK a lot of things are still not fully described in to detail. So we can’t assume if it will be grate or not. I just have to say, Blizzard Don’t Let Us Down!




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