Preparing for Wrath

14 06 2008

This post is in response to a shared topic in Blog Azeroth made by Phaelia, of Resto4Life. First post published with a specific subject in place, and first time I (or Meara) post a link to this blog, therefore, first public display of it…sort of.

That said, the topic is, as the title states, how are we preparing for the expansion?.
One of the questions was referring to gathering mats for tradeskill. I’ll say it is well known by guildies and my wife how much of a pack rat I am. I think my priest still has that Pristine Hide of the Beast. Anyway, I have lots of Knothide leather to help my leatherworking past 375. Should have some minerals sitting around on my warrior to help with the blacksmithing but then again, I still need to max out that one. And I’d need to collect cloth for my tailors, but I don’t remember having to have a lot of runecloth handy when TBC came out, so maybe I won’t need that much netherweave, just the bunch I have. Same for First Aid. In short, as far as items hoarding and gathering goes, I’ll do it as I go, I’ve been working on my Netherwing rep lately, that gives me a ton of skins to spare, per day.

Another question was how would I level in the expansion.
The fact that I have 4 alliance characters at level 70 has given me the chance to try different ways of leveling. With my priest I just rushed for the cap, since I was one of the main healers of the old guild and after a quick talk with my GM, it was decided the priest was needed more. I just quested and ran a few instances here and there, mostly to finish off quests related to said instance. Each character was a bit different. For the mage (my last 70 alliance side for now) I tried the rep grinding way, it did take longer, but I enjoyed the pace, and the rep. It also helped to understand better the role of the class in a group. In short, I believe whichever character I end up choosing to level to 80 at first, I will try to take the slow instancing for rep way, as much as time allows me to.

As for what will I do while the expansion nears a release, it is linked in a way to how is the guild reacting to it. So far, it has been clear we are making a push not only to new raid content, but to do it more often, moving Gruul’s Lair runs to weekday nights and SSC and Mag attempts to weekends. That’s what my main will be doing, in the mean time, personally what I want to do is level at least 2 more alts to 60 before the expansion. One is halfway, the other needs work, but that should keep me quite busy until then.

I honestly doubt the launch of the expansion will change the blog in terms of theorycrafting because…well we don’t do much of that here. Other than sharing the thoughts of whatever information becomes available, I see no dramatic changes.

But then again, that’s all my personal view and opinion, and it changes often 😛




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