Top 10 WoW Moments, Twice!

21 06 2008

Another shared topic from Blog Azeroth by blogger Cathmor. This one has us taking a moment to look back at our past in WoW, and although I don’t really like living in the past, I also think it never hurts to look back and remember our past adventures. This is going to be a 20-top moments actually, 10 for Meara and 10 for Akhellar.

Level 30 meets Dreamwalker
I remember this like it was yesterday, I was standing on the docks of Dark Shore and I’m staring with my mouth open at a Resto Druid in Full Tier 3. Yes I was actually drooling a bit probaly. From that point on, I decided I was gonna be a Balance Druid and get that set. Well…at the time, I didn’t know I wouldn’t have gotten in to hardcore raiding guilds that were doing Naxx by being Boomkin, or the fact the Set was for Resto, but I wanted to Raid, I wanted to be cool and Look cool. All that never happened, but hey, I could dream right?

First mount
When I got my first tiger mount on my rogue I was so proud of myself and felt so accomplished, I remember grinding for a few, just sitting at level 39 while at the same time trying to avoid dinging. Then when I was tired of that I just went to do some battlegrounds, I ended up dinging while turning my 3 marks of honor, back then before patch 2.0 then rushing to darnassus to get my mount, and then just riding all over darnassus until Meara came back to the room (she had gone for a shower).

Healz Me Meara!
ZF stairway is the place for this event. I had never done any runs yet, so I had no clue what I was doing at the time, but hey, I had AK there with me and telling me what was going to happen. The only part I can really come up with a picture of what was happening, was Me standing on top of the Stairs in ZF healing the S**t out of every one. I pulled it off, no one died. I felt a big ego boost, but hey I’m not going to heal any more, it’s far to stressful.

First run to Stratholme.
I was with my second guild already, soon after hitting 60, and they put together a run to Stratholme, undead side. Now, at that point, the only runs I had before then were Deadmines (couldn’t get past Smite, hate PuG’s since then), SM but at a higher level than I should have been, and a very catastrophic ZF that didn’t go anywhere. So that was really my first group run. Anyhow, by the time we got to the room before Baron, where you fight the large amount of ugly abominations….my weapons were broken…so Akhellar had to smack a few of them with bare hands. Glad to say I’ve improved since then and I made up for it later on.

Me Hatez My Drood
At this time I was level 50 or so, I was so close to leveling to 60, I know. Looking back, I was in all Spirit-Stamina gear as a feral Druid, and if I knew what I know now about druids, I would have smacked myself across the face. It was getting hard to kill stuff on my own, since I thought you where supposed to DPS in Bear form… Once Ak got wind of me not liking it, he practically slapped me across the face and pushed me forward. From that point on, I have always loved the druid and never regretted her being my main, and still wish she was my main, damn priest!

First Battleground (Both WSG and AV)
I know, I’m missing AB, but let me explain. WSG was my introduction to battlegrounds, so it had a big impact on me. By the time I was high enough for AB I had already been introduced to PvP and I ran both Warsong and AB quite frequently between leveling up as well. Then I hit 51, and that meant AV was open for me, the main difference was the numbers, and how epic it felt compared to WSG. I’ll never forget the long lasting battles, the almost 12 hours fight in AV, the clash between the Ice Lord and the Forest Lord at the center of the Field of Strife and the grind for Grand Marshal (I never made it).

First 60, WOOT!
I remember standing in Azhara when i got in my first guild, called DreamWeavers2, They needed more druids and I said I would come as long as AK could come along. After that, I had hit level 58, at this point I was really itching for some End Game Content. So I decided to level the rest of the way in Instances. Well, it worked. A good while later (we weren’t doing raids at that point any way so it didn’t matter how long I took, as long as i was decently geared by the time we got to the raids). So I think i was doing Scholo for my head piece still, when I hit 60 in the whelp room. I was not so excited until i was finished with the run, but then I was just like “YAY Go Me!”

Molten Core fun.
Our first attempt at Molten Core wasn’t necessarily glorious and we didn’t really down even one boss. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t great. The second I set foot in there I knew I was in another level entirely, while at the same time looking around and seeing 39 other people, anxious and eager to do their best, listening to the raid leader throwing instructions and the different role leads doing their job, both in vent and in chat, all the time staring at the first two giants…still sends chills down the spine.

Hello Luci!
Well, my first raiding encounter was far from great, loot rules were messed up, and we were running with another guild, whose name I shall not mention since they are still around. We were using Suicide Kings at the time, which I can’t believe is still around! Anyway, I boomed it and I was proud and greatful of the fact that I could go as a boomkin and get away with it. Since I was starting to learn more about the whole “Must be Resto” at the time. It was exciting and weird at the same time. My computer couldn’t handle the 40 people and so it was quite choppy. Nothing like not seeing the casting animation from anyone but see their frost and arcane stuff going on. We didn’t get luci (for those who don’t know him, he’s Lucifron, the First Boss in Molten Core) but being there was good enough for me.

DPS to Healz? Huh?
At one point in time, I got tired of starting groups with Akhellar just to sit there waiting for a healer, either because the guild didn’t have enough active ones or because we would just never find one willing to be the only non-guildie in the run…and a general lack of healers in the server. Anyway, I rolled a priest, rushed him to 60, and healing I was. Now, I don’t remember for sure if my first instance healed was UBRS or actually was Molten Core (I’m leaning towards the latter because I do remember it was a huge adrenaline rush and a big run with lots of people). What I still remember clearly is how several times I “went in to Sap” as my priest…of course causing a wipe (in 5-man runs).

Studying Light and Shadow
At this point in time, I remember AK was starting to miss the rogue. So I decided to make the priest so that he could start doing it from behind again. It was probably the most easiest thing to level. I plowed through the levels fast. I had made a priest prior to, but I’m pretty picky about my race/class combinations, so I rerolled a Dwarf Priest. Besides not being the greatest looking one in the raid, I like to heal, even though some times healing the Mage tank over and over gets a bit on my nerves. When BC came out, I put the priest on the back burner since Ak wanted to level up together. She was 58 by this time, and could have gone out, but I was out of my first guild and didn’t see the need to level her any more, but now shes my Main and We are healing our way while Ak beats up the bosses for me.

The Dark Portal.
We were late for the Burning Crusade, due to moving to another State across the country and getting a new job. By the time we got back into WoW the hype was over, the dust was settling. However, I will not forget the feeling while crossing the portal, by Meara’s side. We walked up to it (yes, instead of running), and crossed. The “HOLY SH**” was said of course upon seeing the battle at the other side of the portal.

To the Other Side
BC had started a good month or two before we finally could get our hands on BC. Even though I didn’t get to see the starting event, I was fine, I had been hearing about all the horror stories of how packed Hellfire was when the Black Portal opened. I wish I still had the Screenshots of me in parts of Tier .5 and my AV tabard walking beside Ak in to the portal. I thought I had it around here somewhere. A Fresh Start at Raiding, as I saw it. Even though a lot of drama followed the walk through, I had a great feeling to leave all that MC and Naxx behind me.

DPS to Tank? Huh? Again?
I made a tank, with the intention of it being for the sole purpose of helping Meara’s priest. Of course, I geared him enough to be at entry-level Karazhan, and to be able to tank some easy heroics. Well, for a couple weeks he became my main…but before that, was that first time when I noticed I could indeed hold aggro. I could tank. And as such, during my first heroic mechanar run, I was pretty much screaming in excitement “I AM F*****G TANKING!. ‘Nuff said šŸ˜›

Healz Me Again, Meara!
I know I always say I despise healing as a Druid, I really do. I have healed bits here and there Pre-BC. I just couldn’t enjoy it no matter how hard I tried. This time, our Guild Master and a Friend of Mine, decided to have Deilanis (AK) go shadow, and me resto. Which I’m the person that will do any thing if you say it’s needed. I hated it, I was always on my toes about it, screaming to myself “HEAL HIM HEAL HIM S**TZ!!1!). Now, when I say Hell No to going resto, I mean it. I’ll heal, but I ain’t speccing for it. No way, no how!

I have never been a class leader in any guild, much because many times (with exception of two guilds) I have been an officer doing some other activity, whether it was web management along with Meara or because the guild didn’t want class leaders, I have not been one. Therefore, the times that people come to me with class questions feel like I have accomplished something, specially when said questions are not limited to rogue concerns, but other clases too.

Furry Butt Syndrome
At this point in time, I actually had my priest as shadow priest, but I just didn’t like it, it just didn’t swing with me much. My 2nd guild had fallen and I was back to boomkin on the druid, when we lost one of our tanks, the best choice was to spec my druid feral and go for it. So I did. I hadn’t been tanking very long when I left my 3rd guild over drama and the fact “I wasn’t sacrificing for the raid since I was the raid leader” PFT! I was very well geared compared to the rest of the tanks at the time, and I enjoyed it more then healing as a druid. So I stayed that way pretty much until I left.

Of course, can’t forget those. I’ve met a lot of people that I consider my friends, even if they’re not in my friend’s list (I barely use that thing), the moments I spent with them, being bad arguments or fun times, will not be forgotten.

25 mans Here we go!
Later on, I had to switch my main again, back to the priest but instead of shadow I was holy, and again well geared for being the only Holy priest in the guild (not counting alts). While still new to the practise and with AK and Ego teaching me how to do my job, we managed to get geared enough to get into gruul’s lair. Took us 2 days to get gruul down. I was back in my element and was happy, and I’m still happier with being in a 25 man scene.

Some time before I decided I had been healing for long enough and it was time to go back to my roots as a rogue, we were having a sort of guild meeting, counting our people that would fill the different roles in Karazhan. It was then when a certain someone started to throw encouraging words to everyone, and saying how good so and so were. How good our tank was, how good a raid leader Meara was, and out of nowhere, he says he has been talking with his girlfriend about me, about how little he has grouped with me but in that small amount of time he has seen me going from an OK healer (this was shortly after I hit 70, he wasn’t around pre-BC) to being an “Insane Sick Healer”. Needless to say, vent blew up in laughter. I appreciate the thought, if the words could have been chosen more carefully, however, during the months that followed, and I believe until the guild’s breakup, my ventrilo announced my log-in and out as that…Insane Sick Healer.

There’s more, we could keep going. The all-nighters farming for something, the guild’s raiding of Silithus for rep grinding and fun, the many times ventrilo has gone to a frenzy each time we kill a new boss that had given us a hard time. Soloing Scholomance with Alfie’s warlock and my paladin. Every time a new guild has risen from the ashes of a broken one that I’ve been a part of. Akhellar’s first run from Menethil Harbor to Ironforge (after dieing in Felwood and Azshara at level 10…I wanted to see Stormwind, being a Night Elf).
For now that will be all…because the title says 10 and we gave you 20 šŸ˜›

From Meara and Ak, our first post together, yay.




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