2.4.3 Patch Thoughts

24 06 2008

Since the whole place is up in speculation about the 2.3.4 being released tomorrow, which i highly doubt since it isn’t off PTR yet. I just think the downtime will only be to release Brutal (Season 4). I’m not gonna talk about it, I don’t PVP that much and I try to avoid it.

So Just a reminder to every one who reads this. I’m going off of MMO-Champion. Things may change from now until release date.

For Starters, lines in Blue will be from Blzzard. My thoughts will be in gray. Just to make sure this is easy to read for you.

  • Haris Pilton has launched a new line of bags and jewelry. Check her out in the World’s End Tavern!

I heard this will be Limited Amount. Can you imagine the amount of people hogging the NPC?! I’d rather get my priest to make all 20 slotters. I think I’d have a better shot at it.

  • Mounts at 30?! Yes, it’s true: Apprentice Riding and mounts are now available at level 30. Training costs 35 gold.

HELLS YEA! I always hate that last level up to get the f’ing mount. It would make classes that don’t have speed increases like Warrior, Priest, and Mage, get around a little easier. Specially since I know when I’m leveling an alt at this stage, I start travelling a lot. The Druid, my Hunter and shaman were the only ones I could stand at this point in time. So, to me, it’s like giving every one another 30% faster level boost.

  • Alcohol cooldowns have been rolled into Drinks: All 10-second cooldowns have been removed and replaced with the 1-second Drink cooldown

Who can argue with this. We always celebrate with a Pony Keg on the ground after clearing an instance or downing a new boss. We can just get smashed faster! Think of how cool Brewfest will be!

  • When a stun wears off, the creature that was stunned will prefer the last target with the highest threat, versus the current target.

This is deffinitely out there for the PVE’ers in mind. It will deffinitely help out on all those times the Priest in High King’s fight, when the rogues cheap shot on accident.


  • Barkskin: The cost of this spell is now reduced by Tree of Life Form.

Another thing that should have happened before! When you’re a Healing druid there’s no way you can possably lose agro besides dying, or switching in to cat form and wait for enough energy to use cower (by this time you’d be dead any way). So the only thing you can do is cast Barkskin and heal the s**t out of your self hoping the tank knows how to taunt.


  • Growl: Pets will no longer generate additional threat from this ability based on attack power buffs cast on them. Attack power buffs on their master will still indirectly increase the threat generated by the pet’s Growl.
  • Pet Aggro: Pets will no longer generate threat immediately from being summoned.
  • Scare Beast: This spell will now be limited correctly to one target.

About the whole Growl thing for starters. I think this is a buff! (I know someone in TTC thinks it’s a Nerf). To simplify it. Your pet’s threat is increased by the Hunter’s Attack Power (the hunter should from 60-70 have more) rather then the pets. I’m always pulling off my pet, which means I have to lessen my damage on the mob, which in the long run means I’d probably be better off using my swords. HA! Huntard City! All it means is make sure you have your growl off your pet when you’re in a raid.

For Scare Beasts, I only used it on one Beast at a time. If I ever did use it.. It’s kinda like eye of the beast, just sits on my action bars.


Not really much to talk about here….


  • Mind Vision: This effect will now be cancelled immediately on targets who use an Invisibility Potion or Gnomish Cloaking Device.
  • Spiritual Healing: Ranks 2-5 of this talent will no longer prevent refreshing Prayer of Mending.

For the Mind Vision. Who uses that in PVP?! The last one, I don’t really get it. I can’t refresh my own, but I can refresh over someone else’s, and I know the other priest’s specs in my guild. They should all have 5 points in it.. Unless I need to have a talk with them. If it is referring to refreshing my own? Great! I hate not being able to refresh it. They always start the pull right when it wears out.


  • Cheat Death: This talent has been rebalanced significantly. Killing blows are no longer 100% absorbed. If the Rogue is below 10% health, the killing blow is still completely absorbed; if the Rogue is over 10% health, enough damage will be absorbed to reduce the Rogue’s health down to 10%. For the following 3 seconds, damage is not always reduced by 90%; it is now reduced by a maximum of 90%, depending on how much resilience the Rogue has. The damage reduction will be four times the damage reduction resilience causes against critical strikes.

I had to get AK to explain this one to me. After he did, I don’t see any reason for this to be any bad thing. Rogues are masters at PVP, a Seasoned rogue shouldn’t really need this anyway. In PVP, it just makes you a little bit more vulnerable, but you shouldn’t be relying on reactive skills in pvp much anyway. That’s just my thoughts on that but like I said, I don’t do pvp much. and if Ak isn’t up in arms about it, I’m good.

Well I think I’ll leave it there, For the rest of the classes Shaman, Warrior, and Warlock. I don’t really see much of any thing to talk about. Just stuff that probaly should have been that way from the beginning.

With one last thing to say, YAY TO MGT NERFS!

To check out the post I am referring to, please go look here at MMO-Champion’s post about PTR Patch 2.3.4 Notes, and Undocumented Changes.




2 responses

27 06 2008

u neglect locks… never mentioned them once… not once… since locks are being nerfed here, in 2.4.3 yet again, useless….

28 06 2008

Not really that she neglected locks, but mmo-champion didn’t mention anything about them, and since that was her source, not really much to say about it. Also, for both Meara and myself, we don’t have a lock to toy around with, i think is the only class I personally haven’t tried past level 23

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