Randomess Strikes Back

25 06 2008

Ok this one has nothing to do with WoW…maybe…I don’t know.

A week ago, more or less Wednesday last week actually, I was tasked with building a gaming computer for a client. I gathered information on the desired components the same day, however, I never thought it’d be this hard to actually get prices and orders placed. No provider in the zone has them. I submitted this complaint to my boss and he is working on it, we will see where it goes.

I figure I could give my Nintendo Wii some use, since mom and my brother are out, I can do that without interruptions, so I have been playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption after raids and while I sit outside waiting for an opening in the raid. It was a bit harsh retaking where I left off because I forgot…where I left off…heh…but I got it now. Good game.

First thunder storm of the season was yesterday afternoon, causing part of the city (which is not much because said city is quite small) to go into a blackout. The office lost power for around an hour and half. Apparently our house was powerless for around 2 and a half hours, by the time power came back it was 30 minutes past raid time. We still grabbed spots for High King and Gruul.

I also toyed around with my brother’s NDS last week, was fun, I played the remake of FF3 and Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Good games both of them, of course I would have loved more time with them but oh well.

I am seriously going to quit this thing I called job. The environment is more unhealthy as the days go by, and the people around me are starting to become very …annoying, to say the least. But mostly because of the poor work conditions and the unhealthiness of the environment. That poses a problem however, I do not want to be left without income, yet I can not keep working here…we will see what happens about that also.

Hoping the Batman movie, Dark Knight, is released here next weekend as well, I’m so dragging Meara’s arse to watch that. If not then, no problem, I suppose I do have a couple DVDs in my to-rent list. Weekend might be fun.

Back on WoW, our first two adventures into TK: The Eye have been quite disastrous, the first more-so than the second. Between very loopy leadership and people not paying attention, it was chaos. Wiping on bosses is one thing I tolerate, wiping on the second group…is stupidity at best. Second attempt we controlled the thing better, but didn’t get to touch Void Reaver, at least people got their s**t together faster this time.

Season 4 is out and with that, Season 2 is trade-able for honor points. I have been saving for S2 weapons with both Ryal and Akhellar, last weekend I tried to rush the last few points for Ryal, but that didn’t work out, I thought the grind was up to 18,000 honor points, yes that is for the one-handers, for the two handed weapons it is 27,000…slight mistake from my part, so he is …around 9,000 points short, and Akhellar is 6,000 points short of his weapon, BAH!.

Eldir, my hunter, is level 65 now, and would be higher, maybe even 70, if I had decided to do that instead of PVP the whole weekend off raid times.

Blog’s highest amount of views has been 66 so far, with 19 views in one day being the busiest day. Top viewed topics have been WoTLK Badge chat between Meara and myself, followed by the post about Death Knights and the Top 10 WoW memories.

Need an Avatar, but haven’t had time to work on one. Maybe this weekend.

That will be all for now, of course I thought of more at lunch break while on the bus, however…I forgot what that other stuff to post was.

P.S.: I always forget to add the page break.




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