28 06 2008

Holy shiatz, so much excitingness I actually got a mix of goose bumps with teary eyes and a lil bit of a shaking sensation. Why? well, why not. Let’s see…

DIABLO 3 is coming! Many of us knew that already but now it is official!. I’m downloading the high resolution trailer right now and I can’t wait to see it, however it is going slow due to slugginess of work internet connection. Can’t really expect much when you share ADSL 1mbps connection between 15-17is computers.

Anyway!, then there is the class changes. Ok, most people already knew some of this, but it was, again, unofficial, from leaked alpha sites. Now, as with Diablo III, this info comes from official sources, and I’m about to have fun with it. After the break, because, if I don’t put a page break, Meara smacks me. Ok, going.

I’m just going to put my opinions on the most remarkable changes announced, so excuse me for leaving anything out that you might consider important.

Druids get an indoors sort-of crowd control. The fact that entangling roots will be cast-able indoors means they will bring increased utility. It will result in being very effective against melee attackers, however will result very useless against caster and ranged enemies since it’s a movement impairing effect rather than a full incapacitation effect. Nourish could be awesome in 25 man instances if it counts all the HoT’s in the target and not just the caster’s, could reach nice healing numbers if that is the case, otherwise all I can say so far is, it is just another heal.

There is a lot to say about Hunters. First and foremost, I’m glad mine is level 65-ish. The fact that pets will now get talent trees full with dps and tanking abilities is great. The point about families getting their unique talent tree and abilities, per family, could be awesome, it all depends on how useful and how truly unique they are. Only drawback I can see is, depending how devs do this, the old way of learning abilities might be lost. A hunter might not be able to go tame a pet, learn the ability and keep it for a higher level pet of another family that can use said ability. We will have to see about that. New pets is always welcome, I’m hoping for more variety, I was a bit disappointed at how few new ones BC introduced. The change to steady shot might or not be good. All I can say is, I just got the hang of the rotations, now they’re changing it, c’mon!.

Priests will get a bit of loving, not too much tho. Divine Hymn strikes me as a useless one, considering how many mobs can currently be slept and how many are immune to CC mechanics in end game, again it can be a very useful one, or a very dumb one. It’s all about how do they manage the npc’s. Dispersion is a great one for shadow priests, a sort-of Evocation wanna be, but without the channeling need, and with damage prevention, good “Oh s**t” button, and good in raids as well if just for the MR thing. Guardian Spirit sounds fun, and very useful, for several situations, I’m already loving it. Great to protect clothies, good to protect the MT when the priest has to be on the move, all I need to know now is what is the meaning of “prevents the target from dying by sacrificing itself”

Shaman changes are a bunch, and all good, in my opinion. Totems being condensed and considered physical ability, that’s awesome, less clutter in the action bars I think, also with the example they give (Grace of Air and Strength of Air being unified) I can imagine they’ll need to drop less totems for the same results, or better. Also, the totems will affect raid members in range, not only members that are in the same group with the shaman, that’s perfect, now the group compositions don’t have to be based on who do you want to benefit more from the totems effects, and the lone warlock in the tank’s group that always misses the Ele-shaman’s totems now won’t miss it. Flametongue giving spell damage bonus to the shaman will give elemental shammys their first and only useful self-wepon buff. And if they do the same with Flametongue as they did with Windfury, that means the can use oils as well as flametongue. Yes, because by making Windfury a buff instead of a temporary enchant just made all rogues happy. Their new CC, Hex, sounds like fun, both on the shaman side and on the victim’s side. I hope the cooldown is not too long to make it viable in PvE, and also hoping it is usable at least in the same type of targets that are affected by Polymorph.

For Rogues, the only changes announced being Fan of Knives, the rogue’s first true AoE, it is said to have a cooldown and be an emergency ability, I hope really the cooldown is not too long, at the very least to be like hunters’ Volley, that has enough of a cooldown to not spam it, but short enough to be able to do several AoE pulls one after the other. The changes to Sap are awesome, it brings more usefulness to us rogues and I can’t wait.

There’s not much change to Paladins, their ret. itemization change seems Ok, but I can’t really tell until I see examples, a reactive heal, sounds like a Prayer of Mending kind of thing, this is great because it will give them much needed mobility. Their change to blessings (short-term blessings not overwriting long-term ones) should have implemented much before even BC tho.

Warlocks are getting a teleport spell, how it works exactly is yet to be told, if it is zone-wide, it will be really useful in wipe recovery situations, if it is world-wide, then I guess it could be taken as a second hearthstone of sorts. Their morph ability is confirmed, whether or not will be melee or caster, I don’t know, but it seems to have a shadowbolt volley ability, more sweetness.

For Warriors, Titan’s grip sounds good for a Fury, I still wonder if you can dual wield two handed weapons or there will be a restriction to that, I also would like to see it in action to know how much of a speed decrease it has. Shockwave strikes me as a multi-tanking ability, how easy will it be to keep the enemies in range of the cone, is yet to be seen. But they did need a multi-mob tanking skill. Bladestorm sounds like fun, and sonds also like I’ll hate it in PvP, cooldown and actual damage still to be seen tho. Could be great, could be a waste.

Those are my opinions on the stuff published by MMO-Champion, there is still a lot to be said and some classes missed, I really hope they lift the NDA soon so more information can be shared by the lucky ones in the testing phases. All this information however just sparked my desire to level up as many classes as possible, as close as achievable to the current cap, to experience with them in the higher end levels once the expansion comes, because, unless something is done to the leveling speed again, it will be a big pain to go 1 to 80…

That’s all for now, while waiting for 2pm to get out of here, I will be watching that high-resolution Diablo 3 trailer, tvm.




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