Raiding and Priest Stuff

11 07 2008

With the currnet rush to get my Holy Paladin to 70… I have been lacking a bit, and I do apologize for the lack of posting.

With raiding moved back I find my self with a lot more time. We are currently working on LootReaver in TK. We have All Tier 4 content on farm. Mag one shotted on the 2nd take down… Grate progress done by TTC. I have to say Void Reaver is a REALLY fun Boss. I was the Last healer alive on our 2nd attempt. Kept two tanks and my self alive until 63% XD. I normally disagree with stuff like that but once in a while I like to push my self over the edge and see exactly what I can do. I have to say.. It is much easier to not to have a assigned spot and be able to run about as I see fit. It was kinda funny seeing Ball after Ball Chasing me down until one got thrown to where I was going that ended up killing me. Even though it seems I’m going to craft me some arcane resist stuff. I have All the Arcanoweave stuff and all but the Soulcloth shoulders. So might as well get a bit just for kicks… the Balls were hitting me for roughly 3k when I didn’t move and 1k if I was just a little too close.

I also talked to all my priests since I’m priest class leader again. It’s kinda sad the responce i got from one of them. I am far from calling any one a bad healer, I just can’t see how people take “Stop useing all +Healing Gems only.. throw some spirit and MP5 or Intel in there with them” would count as “YOU SUCK!”. But My comment this week for priests is “Mana regen IS VARY important.” Can’t be stressed enough. You have Low Armor and Low Health. All you can do to help is a big mana pool. The other Holy Preist, is just too cute to ever be mad at :3.

Thats Really All i have to post for now. I’ll come up with a topic. I think I have some in the works. Just gotta sort them out. Since we all know I am a horrible speller. Hence “Bocket” ….




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