Of PvP and Pit Lords

28 07 2008

Been a while, and while I’m still excited about all the WWI news, I think I am fully recovered and 100% looking forward to it. In the meantime, I’ve done some gearing up on two of my characters.

First we have the main, the rogue. Akhellar has been tearing up horde…ok, might have happened the other way around, as I still can’t quite PvP in raid spec and am too cheap to go respec. However, I didn’t do that bad, and there was a huge improvement in my PvP performance from my last attempt. Also did some PvP from the other side of it, Ryal went to get some honor, and honor he got.

After 27,000 honor and 40 painful Eye of the Storms marks, Akhellar got his Merciless Gladiator’s Slicer and Merciless Gladiator’s Quickblade. Once I got those two, I went to grind some honor on my paladin, Ryal, and after what felt like endless torture, I finally managed to get the Merciless Gladiator’s Gavel and Shoulderpads. After that, I’m thinking I’ll take the rest of the week off PvP, at least until the weekend. Also, Meara’s palading just dinged 60 (gratz) and we’re hoping to get busy in outlands instances soon.

PvE and guild progression after the break 😛

Ok, as far as PvE stuff, we have some interesting news…sort of.

TTC managed to down Magtheridon in a one-shot on our third night attempting it. After that we went to wipe a few times at Void Reaver, and our week of raiding stopped. For the next week we went in and actually killed High King Maulgar, Gruul the Dragon-Killer, and Magtheridon in one single night, I have to say it was beautiful. Every single raider that night received a huge morale-boost and we (all the guild) felt proud of what we achieved, it also left two nights open to try Void Reaver.

The following two nights were not as rewarding, however we did manage to bring the big bad robot down to 10%-ish. Sadly, it hasn’t been going that well after that.

The plan, for now, is to go back to SSC and try there, since Reaver has been successful…in wiping us, a whole lot. Also we decided to take a different approach to Karazhan raiding. The M.O. for us the weekends prior to this last one had been of sign-ups for the raid, and those who outgeared the instance and didn’t need anything stepped out, letting the less geared people go and have a chance at loot, having only one of our most geared people in the raid, leading. It wasn’t working, the Kara runs were taking 2 days of 6 hours each, and people were getting severely frustrated.

The new approach is pretty much going back to the old ways, where 70% of the group outgear the instance and 30% are people that need gear out of it, this might not make sense to higher progressed guilds, however I believe it is a better plan. One of the officers, or Council Members as we call ourselves, had a big problem with this, his argument is, why do we still need to dedicate 2 days to Karazhan when we could be raiding big instances instead.

My point of view is simple, we have a core of maybe 12 to 13 REALLY well geared players logged on at 25-man raid times, 5 to 7 players that are geared to the instance’s minimum required, and more often than not, we end up having to pull people that are, a) fresh 70’s, b) lower kara-geared, c) with OK gear but not enough raid experience (a.k.a PvP’ers that got tired/bored of PvP and want to raid).

When you have to resort to pull in undergeared players, it just hurts the raid more than helping it, so the idea is to gear up as many of those undergeared ones as soon as possible. Last weekend we put that plan to the test. Split into two groups and tackle Karazhan in two different nights. Our first group went in Friday, and managed to clear all but Nightbane, and that was just due to lack of time (they took friday and saturday however), and I know for a fact that at least one of our “new” players came in with greens and blues and walked out of there with half of his gear purple.

Second group went sunday, leadered by Meara, she went in as Fayet, her hunter, to let one of the healers that still needed gear go in place of her priest. We blasted thru it and I tested a bit of a Subtlety-PvP spec in a raid environment, but that story should be left for another post. We cleared Karazhan in about 4 and half hours, no wipes, and only taking that long due to our Ferlol tank having to step out for a family situation, and us having to make some substitutions in order to keep going.

My priest, Deilanis came in (our leafy druid had to leave too) and our Hunter Class Advisor came in on his leafy druid, because our other healy-priest had to leave, also our GM had to come tank for us, due to our ferlol tank leaving as I stated before, and we had to pull in another hunter to take my dps spot, so, lots of subbing and some time lost. This only happened after Shade of Aran, and once we got back into it, we blasted thru the rest of the place. In all, at least one of our fresh-70-ferlol (that has the T4 feral leggings already by the way) got geared up like no other, getting a major amount of upgrades in one night.

That right there, is the idea of taking overgeared characters to an instance along with 2 or 3 people that need gear. Hit the mobs hard, clear the place quick, get them gear faster and easier.

The other side of the coin being, we have to make sure they understand a very important point: We will not walk them thru SSC and TK holding their hands, they have to carry their own weight there, and the faster they get to that point where they can stand on their own feet, the better for everyone.

I hope that’s what happens, but we shall see.




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