29 07 2008

More about Death Knights By Meara πŸ˜›

I know a lot of people really don’t want to hear any more about death knights. I, however, can’t stop thinking about them. Every tid-bit of info that has been released just makes me want one more. Not necessarily due to all the obvious things people like about Death Knights appeal to me alone, like damage and tanking abilities. Every thing about death knights makes me dream about them. Lore, combat abilities, versatility, viability in raids, look, customization. Every thing! I know I probably sound like every one else out there noobin’ out over Death Knights. So I think I’m going to make this post about Death Knights in general, and then I promise, I won’t post any more about them for a while :P. Okay well, at least I’ll try not to…

Come on! Who doesn’t wanna look like some one who has come to kick some *** first and then take names later. Cast Iron Plate looking armor, in my idea is just cooler than cool.

I mean, from what we have seen so far with their, armor they look a lot better to me than most of the sets out there. Even though I’ll admit it, I always have my helm on hide. Since I’m the person who sits and stares at Toon Creation screen for hours just to get the face right!. Besides, thats probaly the one thing that doesn’t look good on the images i have seen so far of death Knights. The Helms = horrible, well at least on female toons. I think human’s look best with plate helms on, but on the other hand, Tauren.. Just no… No helm looks good on them from my point of view. Enough about helms! That’ll be for another post later maybe.

So from Big Glowing swords to big shoulders with skulls on them. Over all I think the Armor for death knight is cool. Even thought with the “generalization” of gear in WOTLK I think every one will look alike a lot. I hope it’s only for caster gear :P.

I posted this before about how much I love the Death Charger. Yes it looks like Horse/Dread Steed/Ram/Attumen-kinda mount. To me how ever, it looks like something death would ride.

I always loved the bits the Paladins, Warlocks, and Druids had there little “class only” mount. Witch of coarse the mounts fitted them. I still think that maybe hunters should be able to tame there own mounts to ride, but that’s not what we are talking about.

The current Death Charger to me, just is something I wouldn’t mind spending the time on. I’ll be honest I’m sick of Rams, Kitties, Horses, and BEARS! I want something new and fresh and this mount is defiantly something that combines a lot of the same stuff we have seen before, but in a better look.

All though I did see a few posts out there about a Frost Wyrn, or “Undead Drake” as I saw it being called. If you click on the image, it will take you to the post where it is “rumored” that it will be a Death Knight only mount! Screw Nether Drakes in my opinion! I’m so sick of seeing Gryphons and Nether Drakes running around. I was tempted on getting the Hipogryph just to be different from every one else and still have a presentable epic mount. I’ll be honest, after grinding the 5k Gold, I didn’t wanna go out and get another 1.2k Gold to pay for it.

I would absolutely pay 5k Gold and wait the level grind to get to fly around on this baby! I just wish they looked like they did back in WC3 (Warcraft 3). Besides since the Scourge are not playable race in W.O.W Frost Wyrms would be lost to monsters we kill out in the wilderness. It would be a sad, sad, waste of a perfectly cool, practical, mount in my opinion. I would love to see that rumor come to reality.

With the Offical release of the talents of the Death Knight, I really can’t say much about a few of them. Since I don’t know what the final product on the skills actually are. So just going off the Talented Skills here I can point out a few skills that I’m drooling over. So I’ll Grab a few and keep it short and simple as possible. Which judging by this post so far.. Not likely…


Rune tap: it’s a pretty tell on why this talent is apealing to me. With Improved, it can heal you up to 25% of your maximum health. Which most players by level 30 or so when health bars start to get quite big, know that 25% self heal, Is OP. Now don’t take me wrong, I am not really one person to say, “O dis is OP, Nerf itz!1!“. Every one debates on which race has the best talents. One of them definitely is the Gift of the Naaru Draeneis have. I have leveled 2 Draeneis so far, and I can’t complain with a self heal. So I mean a Melee class besides paladin to be able to heal themselves that much in one chunk. Is Powerful!

Mark of Blood: This talent in my opinion is kinda like Unstable affliction. Yes that nasty thing you get from the warlocks out there, that are one more thing I’m always worried about in Mag’s. “please don’t cure me! Plea…OW!“. From what boss fights I have seen so far, It would be wonderful for the Blind Eye on Gruul, or dealing with that stupid holy paladin on the Moroes fight in Kara. When they get healed they get hurt. I like the sound of it for PVE! Now for PVP? Well, maybe bring a healer or another Death Knight might not be a good idea when dealing with some one with this talent. One thing that worries me about this talent. Is the fact that they don’t state what type it is. Will it be able to be dispelled?

Infested Corpse: Hmm small little minions to run around and attack things while healing you at the same time? Is there really much to argue with on that talent. I love the idea! I don’t see it very viable in Arenas. Well at least not 2v2 or 3v3 since theres really not many people to infest. Now in Battle grounds, it might be tricky but I would LOVE to infest an Undead Mace Spec Rogue who runs around eating the rest of the players. πŸ˜› Pay back finally!

Dancing Rune Weapon: This one has me giggling a little. It works a lot like a pet I’m thinking. Not sure if there really is a pet bar for you to control it, or its always on defensive. Thinking about it, I would be pleased to go around and kick ***. I would love to see what the sword actually looks like. Think of the possibility Frostmourne following you…? hmmmm?


Hungering Cold: Now… Frost Death Knight and Frost Mage together?! Holy crap! This talent freezes all targets 10 yards. Ice Lance for the Win? Maybe? The one thing about this talent since I haven’t seen its actual effect, it makes my mind go wild, I like the cold and miss it, so the thought of freezing the ground in to Negative Bizzilion Degrees Below, makes me get chills down my spine. On tanking-wise though, come on Warriors, Druids and Paladins, how many of you want to actually stop the attacker dead in its tracks? I thought so!

Acclimation: Now… with max talent points you have a 30% chance when hit with a spell to increase the parties resistance to that spell. This plain and simple is a Raiding talent, no doubt about it since resistances are not really needed otherwise. The one thing is the fact it doesn’t state how much resistance is giving’ by the talent. The actual power behind this talent is a bit unknown to me. All I can make out of it that it stacks up to 3 times. So I don’t know end results.

Unbreakable Armor: So this talent makes you immune to durability loss? Heh, I wish! For basically 10 Energy – 1 rune – (which I think is about 1.5sec wait? not sure about that) You can increase your armor by 30% and your Strength by 15% This talent combined with Bladed Armor, talk about a damage tank. Or just a frost damage Death Knight, it can be swung both ways. Only thing is you have a total of 2 Frost Runes. So you can either spam it twice, or once in a while when you need it.


Lichborne: Immune to fears, Charms, and Sleeps? this makes me think it’s slightly over powered. What about the Paladins’ “Turn Evil” skill. Would this still have effect?, meaning not complete immunity but only to warlock, priests, and warrior fears and mind controls? I’m not complaining if that question is answered with a Yes. To add to this talent. You have a 35% increase to being missed by melee hits. I feel sorry for those Two Handers out there like MS warriors and Ret paladins, where if you miss twice in a row your screwed. Well thats at lest my pvp question. In Pve? Can you say it’s defiantly a tanking talent. There’s nothing like having the tank being feared off in to oblivion and the priest sitting there thinking “Oh **** now I’m Dead…

Shadow of Death: Can You say, “Death Knight Pop“? (shaman pop..) for 35 secs you come back to life after dieing to fight as a ghoul. WooT! Fun fun. I wonder what skills the ghouls get… hmmm…

Well that really sums up why I’m exited about Death Knights. I could keep going but I doubt you want me to in one post. So as updates come out MAYBE I’ll post more. I’ll try and keep it to my self. Since there is so much out on the internet already. I’ll most likely post about leveling a Death Knight once it its Live. If i don’t get in to the Beta *Prays for the Opt to let her in*. Even though I’ll admit, I probaly will only do the starter area for the death knight and then explore the rest. I don’t really wanna do Out lands while I’m in the beta.




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