To Apply or not to apply

30 08 2008

I will summarize the post here, in case you do not wish to read my rant: So, in short, my question is, should a guild, striving for progression, yet having difficulty fielding our raids due to low attendance, be recruiting via Rigid application forms? or should it be done via trial runs?. Keep in mind trial run doesn’t mean a quick heroic run, it means one of our 25-man raids, or perhaps a Karazhan run.

~~~ Warning: Guild Drama Follows ~~~
(Actually I think I avoided typing about the drama but you be the judge of that)

I was calmly enjoying myself in Alterac Valley, not really bothering myself to care if we won or lost. Just toying around with Azrael’s doing some PvP as protection, reflecting a few Pyroblasts and Shield slamming faces to the ground. Well…alright, maybe not that much. Anyway, after a few minutes of me joining a battleground, our GM asks in Guild Chat if any officers have checked out our new applicant on the guild’s website.

After slamming some more skulls with Azrael’s shield – Ok, I was at the spirit healer – I went and checked out the Application, finding some issues I disliked about the applicant.

A bit of background information about the guild is needed first, I believe. Back when we started, we had a sudden rush of people joining us, and our application form was more a way to let us know someone wanted in the guild, than an actual application. After a few too many times of the guild’s core of raiders running people through Karazhan time after time, gearing the new recruits to a point where they could be of help on our 25-man raids, specifically, on SSC and The Eye, since our “core” was strong and consistent enough to carry a few undergeared people on Gruul, and even Magtheridon’s Lairs.

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Final UI and Big Fishes

22 08 2008

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of writing, I feel Meara has been doing a very good job, but I had some issues to deal with first and now that they’ve been dealt with temporarily, I’m back here.

Anyway, I left pending some final screenshot of my UI and a list/description of the addons I used. Before, and if you’re interested, here is the post that showed the first changes I made, that I also ended up not using after all, and here is my last post about the UI changes.

And now, this is how it looks and how it will look probably until Wrath comes around.

Final Version of UI

Final Version of UI

Ok, as you can see (if you’ve read the previous posts regarding this topic), there’s very little change from my last screenshot to the final version, mostly graphical changes and the addition of a chat addon. Lists after the break!.

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End of Raiding Week

14 08 2008

We have yet to get The Tuna down. For some odd reason however, I’m not mad, nor am I disappointed. 32% tonight seemed some what eventful even though we got him to 38% the night before. I know whats hurting us is not having a constant group the entire raid night but there is probaly nothing to do to avoid it.

I also want to talk Cracky (GM In my warrior post a few days ago, I think this one suits him a bit more.) Seeing if I can bum a few Nether Vortexes before he sells them off for repair money, so that if I don’t get the belt from ZA soon I can at least fall back on the Belt of the Long Road. Since I’m already planing on breaking the PMC Set. Thanks to Cynra and Wynthea for the bit of an insight on that. ❤ ya guys!

Lurker the Big tuna

13 08 2008

~ Meara Whining as usual 😛

This Big fish is really starting to annoy me. We actually had some what of a good raid. People actually got down to business. I guess from the lack of raiding the past week we are all demanding a bit too much. We actually PUGGED SSC and had a better run than we had been having.

I’m not sure if its embarrassing or I should just be happy to raid… Maybe a little bit of both. We had at least our dedicated there.

While clearing trash I think I almost cried we had 1 death and just a bit of chatter, that was nice. So besides the 5 pugged it was a nice run. Brought back a lot of memories of Pre-BC raids.

Even with the lack of attendance (which seems to be hitting Sen’jin from t6 down the chain). What I’m wondering, is it Burn out or Expansion blues? Guess we will never know, even thought seems TTC is going to have a bit of a clean up.

I just don’t think I can stand Idiling while waiting to go in SSC and then doing Kara is something I can take any more. My dreams have already been raped. I know now I’ll never get to play around in at least BT or 1 piece of t6 before WotLK. I guess I’ll just have to accept it, but it doesn’t make me happy. I already had to wave bye to Old Naxx now SWP. Soon I’m guessing I’ll have to wave bye to the Lich King him self “See ya later cuase I aint knockin’ on your door untill level 200!”

Ranting and Priest Stuff

13 08 2008

~ Meara ranting about priest stuff…

Drawf Icon from Warcrafter

Drawf Icon from Warcrafter

I’m really getting fed up, and I know a lot of my fellow raiders are feeling the same thing. I have already spent a week only raiding Kara. I’m bored out of my flipping head. I have done enough kara’s to gear out 2 of my toons and bits of the new hunter.

I no longer need badges on my main. Unless its for Epic gems, witch I really don’t see getting it for my t4 stuff, and my primal mooncloth I really don’t know how long it’s gonna last me. I really base how i gear my self on how long it’s gonna last me.

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Not Expected

12 08 2008

Thelin at 35 dreaming of that for his mount

Warrior Nub Talk by Meara, Who didn’t send it in for spell check! MAWAHAHA!!

Now something I have always wanted to do but after a few attempts. Yes Judging by the picture… A Female leveling a Male toon?! Meara must be playing on Ak’s Account!!! Nah that’s not whats going on. I have a Level 60 male hunter on Nazgral So level men is something I have come to endure a bit. What I’m talking about is actuality leveling a Melee class! YES! After countless times I have asked the same question to Ak, “So if I have a lot of Expertise dose it mean I don’t need Hit Rating?” and Agent Shmud telling me “Maces are better for damage simply because of the higher low weapon damage and higher high weapon damage!”

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UI Updates

6 08 2008

~ Akhellar’s crusade continues…

Ok, I’ve been working on the UI rebuild since my last post, primarily I scratched that one completely off and started again. Here it is, almost finished, still need it needs a bit more flashy, yet unobtrusive stuff.

While Out of Combat

While Out of Combat

While In Combat

While In Combat

These two are how it is looking right now, and as before, I’m still working on it. I will make one final post this friday with the list of the addons used and the finished UI. Right now I’m working on different Layouts for Pitbull and new uses for eePanels2, such as scripting and that.
How is it looking so far? I personally like the reduced UI clutter and the much improved visibility it is giving me. As you could probably see from the screenshots, I tested it in raids. The one out of combat was taken while waiting for the SSC to assemble. The one in combat was taken during the Moroes fight in Karazhan. Yes I am second in Damage Done, second to a mage!. I can has excuses tho!. WoW has been crashing quite a bit lately for me, even before and without the extensive Addonage, and also, curse those AoE groups!!.
Anyway QQ asides, I’m loving it. What do you think?