UI Changes and Addon Madness

4 08 2008

~ Akhellar’s crusade for a new UI

Alright, good day people. So every now and then, I decide to rebuild my whole UI (User Interface), changing completely my set of addons, with some exceptions such as Omen. This process usually takes about two or three weeks of shuffling addons in and out, switching addons around and doing all sorts of experiments.

This time I went with a new one, one that I hadn’t tried before even tho I had heard of it (read of it rather), eePanels 2. I’m liking it so far, only issue is, I’ve lost my “expertise” with Photoshop and all things graphic design (not touching PS or trying to design anything in the last 5 years might have something to do with it), so…I have to resort to searching for textures. Search that hasn’t been that successfull.

So I’ll post my UI as it is so far, and then I’ll update it…let’s say, mid-week, and then next sunday.

Anyway, here it is:


Out of Combat

More updates coming, but for now, that’s that.




3 responses

4 08 2008

epanels is really nice. Try and get some corner art going on and it will look awesome. Black swirls were my choice I think but then it was ages ago 🙂
samownall – Wow Blogger

4 08 2008

Yeah I’m going to be doing some changes in the next following days, I also want to get rid of the viewport (SunnArt) and replace it for something nice but that allows me better visibility.

Thanks for the comment ^^

22 08 2008
Final UI and Big Fishes « Endless Gaming

[…] of my UI and a list/description of the addons I used. Before, and if you’re interested, here is the post that showed the first changes I made, that I also ended up not using after all, and […]

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