UI Updates

6 08 2008

~ Akhellar’s crusade continues…

Ok, I’ve been working on the UI rebuild since my last post, primarily I scratched that one completely off and started again. Here it is, almost finished, still need it needs a bit more flashy, yet unobtrusive stuff.

While Out of Combat

While Out of Combat

While In Combat

While In Combat

These two are how it is looking right now, and as before, I’m still working on it. I will make one final post this friday with the list of the addons used and the finished UI. Right now I’m working on different Layouts for Pitbull and new uses for eePanels2, such as scripting and that.
How is it looking so far? I personally like the reduced UI clutter and the much improved visibility it is giving me. As you could probably see from the screenshots, I tested it in raids. The one out of combat was taken while waiting for the SSC to assemble. The one in combat was taken during the Moroes fight in Karazhan. Yes I am second in Damage Done, second to a mage!. I can has excuses tho!. WoW has been crashing quite a bit lately for me, even before and without the extensive Addonage, and also, curse those AoE groups!!.
Anyway QQ asides, I’m loving it. What do you think?



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22 08 2008
Final UI and Big Fishes « Endless Gaming

[…] is the post that showed the first changes I made, that I also ended up not using after all, and here is my last post about the UI […]

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