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12 08 2008

Thelin at 35 dreaming of that for his mount

Warrior Nub Talk by Meara, Who didn’t send it in for spell check! MAWAHAHA!!

Now something I have always wanted to do but after a few attempts. Yes Judging by the picture… A Female leveling a Male toon?! Meara must be playing on Ak’s Account!!! Nah that’s not whats going on. I have a Level 60 male hunter on Nazgral So level men is something I have come to endure a bit. What I’m talking about is actuality leveling a Melee class! YES! After countless times I have asked the same question to Ak, “So if I have a lot of Expertise dose it mean I don’t need Hit Rating?” and Agent Shmud telling me “Maces are better for damage simply because of the higher low weapon damage and higher high weapon damage!”

Now your sitting there thinking “Meara…you leveled a druid isn’t that melee?” Well the answer to that is simple. I leveled as a horribly speced Feral Druid in Stamina and Spirit gear that fallowed a combat rogue around and healed him and whined when I had to kill oozes in Felwood by myself. I wasn’t melee nor caster, I was a hybrid Nub!! If I knew what I knew back then what I do now, I would Bi… slap my self for not at lest getting Feral Charge if was going to level in Bear Form. (Witch is how I got to 70 on her too.. but thats when bear did just as much damage as cat) Always felt more comfortable in Bear or Moonkin.

ANYWAY this isn’t about my poor retired druid (R.I.P. Meara! 😥 ). This is where I left off on my Original Warrior, Verina (witch is now my paladin’s name), at level 35 in STV. Yes, I know, I choose a pretty common race for him, but I love those sexy tight buns legs in Plate armor. Yes I think human males in T4 is sexy! So what… Blood elf males are sexy too.. Why do you think I leveled my Paladin to 60? To look at Ak’s Ryal’s butt shield! There’s only one warrior I proceed not to look at there behind while fighting witch is, hmm.. lets call him, GM. Besides the fact his married to my lovely friend Pink Pirate. Well GM just isn’t my type. Az(Ak’s Warrior) I enjoy healing him >:P! Though I have only really tanked besides him <:(.

Now off that topic before it gets ugly! It’s time for a brake any how….

Reason I think I had some problem with my past warriors, besides one became my bank alt, I really didn’t know mostly all warrior skills where based of weapons and that arms really sucks in a leveling environments until farther along. Now! I’m not really saying now I know every thing about warriors. All though I get my advice from our Fury Warrior Class Leader, Agent Shmud, and Ak. They have both pretty much played all specs of the warrior. So I believe them when they say that Arms is bad in the beginning. Especially since I leveled as Ret on the Paladin. If you miss more then twice with a 2 hander even if your in plate, it can be devastating. The reason I think why paladins make up for it is that fact is that they use mana for one. When they miss too many times with there weapons, they can use Seal of Righteousness To kinda make up for the loss of damage, they also have things to brace them selves when they are about to die, like the Bubbles and or Hammer of Justice. They can also heal them selves when they get too low. Warriors, on the other hand, can only pot or fear and bandage.

Yes you have abilities like Shield Wall, Retaliation, and Recklessness, (though at level 35 I don’t have Recklessness) These abilities probaly have the longest damn cool down I have seen, next to hearthstone! You miss more then you will ever be able to use those skills, witch in the mid 20s you find your self in more Life or Death Situations then most classes.

Image from Wowhead by Cassoulet

Wowhead by Cassoulet

The last reason I will say is the fact that warriors need rage! Every one knows that! The thing about this is that the missing of the weapon means you are SOL for rage. The reason why I think so is simple as this talent Endless Rage in the arms tree. I mean now, as full fury, I really do have Endless Rage. So if arms needs more rage generation from talents then it probaly is really low on the “damage out” rage generation. Since we all know that “damage in” rage generation really doesn’t quench the warriors endless thirst for rage. Besides all the countless Miss, Parry, Block, and dodge you will see every time you swing. I really don’t see any help from that in the Arms tree. Yes you gain more damage, even more Bleeds to put on your target, but I didn’t wanna play, rend and run, with my kills. The only way I see to hit more in lower levels before hitting the Outland’s gear is to go mostly in to Fury for Precision.

Now I’m not saying going furry really solves all these problems. Levels 7-30 were probaly the most teeth grinding part of this whole ordeal. I will admit it was half my fault why it was so bad. “tactical approach” and Warrior didn’t really stuck me as going together. I was mad that if I could charge a mob, I shouldn’t get 18 more to come and kill me. Oh no.. I’m used to always being in the back to start and taking one Beast down to half health down before it would get to me, or having some one else take the fall. So at lest now I have learned my lesson and if I’m uneasy about a charge in, I’d rather pull with my gun.

Now back to Nub aspects of the class. The reasons why I’m really starting to enjoy this class is simply because the longer I’m up and running and the closer my encounters are, the better I do. Charging from one mob to the next in Shimmering flats was probaly the funnest I have ever had. I hatted doing that Zones on the rest of my toons. Warrior is a much more “involved” class then I have seen. Hunter was defiantly one of those classes you can Send the pet, auto attack and walk away; even though I’m not one to do it (I was practicing tapping as soon as I got ice trap). Even with the Priest after a while it got vary mundane “Shield – Mind Blast – SW:Pain – Mind flayMind Blast” rinse and repeat until you get to 70! I know warrior can be like that, but like I said the longer your up the more damage you do. As long as you got health your unstoppable, no need to drink for mana. I really try not to stop if I have at lest 50 rage. I go threw so many bandages it’s kinda embracing! On all my other toons I would vender tuns of them.. kinda wish I kept them.

Last reason why I’m enjoying it now is because Warrior just fits with the music I’m spamming my gears with (FlyleafThree Doors DownResident Evil: Extinction OST) Heh what can I say, I’m a rocker chick at heart, even though my goth days are in the past. Damn adult hood! Ah when I get back to the U.S.A. I’ll get my self a spiked collar! >;P




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