Lurker the Big tuna

13 08 2008

~ Meara Whining as usual 😛

This Big fish is really starting to annoy me. We actually had some what of a good raid. People actually got down to business. I guess from the lack of raiding the past week we are all demanding a bit too much. We actually PUGGED SSC and had a better run than we had been having.

I’m not sure if its embarrassing or I should just be happy to raid… Maybe a little bit of both. We had at least our dedicated there.

While clearing trash I think I almost cried we had 1 death and just a bit of chatter, that was nice. So besides the 5 pugged it was a nice run. Brought back a lot of memories of Pre-BC raids.

Even with the lack of attendance (which seems to be hitting Sen’jin from t6 down the chain). What I’m wondering, is it Burn out or Expansion blues? Guess we will never know, even thought seems TTC is going to have a bit of a clean up.

I just don’t think I can stand Idiling while waiting to go in SSC and then doing Kara is something I can take any more. My dreams have already been raped. I know now I’ll never get to play around in at least BT or 1 piece of t6 before WotLK. I guess I’ll just have to accept it, but it doesn’t make me happy. I already had to wave bye to Old Naxx now SWP. Soon I’m guessing I’ll have to wave bye to the Lich King him self “See ya later cuase I aint knockin’ on your door untill level 200!”




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14 08 2008

My guild has decided that we will continue all the raids through Sunwell even after the WoTLK expansion. We may be level 75, but we are going to do them, all. It really gives me some peace of mind to know I won’t miss out on any content. I’d rather do it late than not at all.

14 08 2008

I like that Idea, I guess I’d just need to convince them of that. We have raided MC once or twice already.

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