Ranting and Priest Stuff

13 08 2008

~ Meara ranting about priest stuff…

Drawf Icon from Warcrafter

Drawf Icon from Warcrafter

I’m really getting fed up, and I know a lot of my fellow raiders are feeling the same thing. I have already spent a week only raiding Kara. I’m bored out of my flipping head. I have done enough kara’s to gear out 2 of my toons and bits of the new hunter.

I no longer need badges on my main. Unless its for Epic gems, witch I really don’t see getting it for my t4 stuff, and my primal mooncloth I really don’t know how long it’s gonna last me. I really base how i gear my self on how long it’s gonna last me.

I mean I could get Pendant of the Violet Eye, to replace my Ribbon of Sacrifice, but I’m not really gonna go out of my way for it. I mean the Darkmoon Card: Blue Dragon is probaly worth more of my time. I’d rather have 100% mana regen then just 21MP5. Even if it’s only a 2% chance on spell cast. If I’m not casting so much why would i need that much mana regen. So it’d be nice for those spam situation. At lest ’till I get Earring of Soulful Meditation. 300 spirit is just too sexy!

Witch looking at my Warcrafter my primal mooncloth set only gives me 29 mp5. ~36 with Endless Blessings Used (Got I love that trinket!)Thats 12-13% of my total. So really if i manage some how to over come this. I know for badge stuff, my options are really not quite profitable. There are really only Chest Peaces out there.

So well after f’ing around for an hour it felt like. I came to the conclusion I really don’t need much out of TK or SSC. Wand, Gloves, Helm, Ring and Trinket replacements are out of SSC and TK really only seems to have My Cloak waiting for me. Though It seems I have to get in and get the neck off Mr. Eagle in ZA. I lost it a few times to other people since having the Teeth I thought it would be better to pass it to some one who had blues and stuff. Probably should have invested in the fight.

Also I think the Mooncloth Set and my Wrists are worth the investment of 5 epic gems. Since they are going to last me threw TK untill MH and BT.

Ah well enough pointless Ranting!




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13 08 2008

As a Holy priest? Lets see if I can remember what I snagged out of tier 5 content that is still applicable in a post-2.4 badge gear world.

* Ethereum Life-Staff: If you like Spirit, you want this. It’s amazing. I actually passed on this to a Restoration druid the first time it dropped, but I quickly snagged it the second time. I’m in Hyjal Summit and Black Temple and still loving it.
Earring of Soulful Meditation: You already seem to know all about the love of this trinket.

Regarding the wand from Tidewalker, I never really wanted it myself. The Bonus Healing on Luminescent Rod of the Naaru is nice, but it lacked Spirit and I had 2,000 Bonus Healing without it. I decided to stick instead with Blue Diamond Witchwand, but that’s entirely preference.

If you don’t have it already, you might also want Wraps of Purification. The next upgrade for that that I can remember is in Hyjal Summit and supposedly has a really low drop rate. Fortunately, every priest in our raid has been lucky enough to snag one from Rage Winterchill.

The Brooch of Nature’s Mercy is the healing neck of the game. It’s so hard to find anything with Spirit coupled with Haste and definitely in the amounts on this neck piece. I love it and I love when people ask me where I got it.

Regarding the Primal Mooncloth set, I’ll admit my bias up front and say that I hate it. It’s itemized well for healing focus in Tier 4 content, but it really is poor beyond that. I’ve seen people who loved the high amount of Bonus Healing on that set so much that they go into Black Temple with it only to die a very messy death when the lack of Stamina kicks in. If you have the badges I’d say get the Gown of Spiritual Wonder. It’s amazing and clearly itemized for a post-2.4 Spirit-based mana regeneration system.

And it wasn’t pointless ranting! Hope my babbling was of some help.

13 08 2008

I’ll admit it, I hate the lack of states on the Primal Mooncloth set, but the set bonus is nice I’d have to be able to replace that else ware. since not else much gives 29mp5. I guess my causations wasn’t really going for trinket procs since endless blessings procs as often as I can watch for it.
I have the Robes of Heavenly Purpose witch dose have much more states then the Primal Mooncloth Robe. I Guess I’ll have to come up with a shoulders and belt. :/ witch is a tough for belt. I guess I’ll just be searching for a while, and it’s not like we have really moved out of t4 content any way.

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