End of Raiding Week

14 08 2008

We have yet to get The Tuna down. For some odd reason however, I’m not mad, nor am I disappointed. 32% tonight seemed some what eventful even though we got him to 38% the night before. I know whats hurting us is not having a constant group the entire raid night but there is probaly nothing to do to avoid it.

I also want to talk Cracky (GM In my warrior post a few days ago, I think this one suits him a bit more.) Seeing if I can bum a few Nether Vortexes before he sells them off for repair money, so that if I don’t get the belt from ZA soon I can at least fall back on the Belt of the Long Road. Since I’m already planing on breaking the PMC Set. Thanks to Cynra and Wynthea for the bit of an insight on that. ❤ ya guys!




One response

15 08 2008

<waves> My pleasure! I love me some priestly goodness and discussion!

Regarding belts, if you can’t get the one from Zul’Aman, the crafted belt is an awesome thing. In fact, I wear that instead of the troll heads. Quick alternatives? PvP belt, which is the only one I was able to get until I got into Zul’Aman. There’s also Cord of Sanctification from Epoc Hunter in Heroic Old Hillsbrad. It used to be absolutely impossible to complete a run of that instance due to the patrol respawns, but it’s been nerfed a lot and it’s feasible now with a PuG. Try doing it when the instance is the heroic daily to maximize your time and success!

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