Final UI and Big Fishes

22 08 2008

First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of writing, I feel Meara has been doing a very good job, but I had some issues to deal with first and now that they’ve been dealt with temporarily, I’m back here.

Anyway, I left pending some final screenshot of my UI and a list/description of the addons I used. Before, and if you’re interested, here is the post that showed the first changes I made, that I also ended up not using after all, and here is my last post about the UI changes.

And now, this is how it looks and how it will look probably until Wrath comes around.

Final Version of UI

Final Version of UI

Ok, as you can see (if you’ve read the previous posts regarding this topic), there’s very little change from my last screenshot to the final version, mostly graphical changes and the addition of a chat addon. Lists after the break!.

Here’s the list and what each does, from the bottom of the screenshot to the top, left to right.

The ones you can see:

  • SLDataText – Displays the clock, the performance, zone name, durability (AP: X%), gold and more.
  • Recount – Damage and healing meters, and much more than that.
  • TrinityBars2 – The action bars and the button in the middle.
  • Chatter – The chatbox, lots of features and lighter than Prat.
  • Fubar2 – Located just above the chat box, started using it as replacement for TitanPanel, now I can’t play without it.
  • Grid – Raid display on the left side of the shot, above Recount.
  • Autobar – Partially dimmed and with Fadeout effect, above Fubar2.
  • Cellular – An addon that helps me manage Whispers, as you can see, I’ve gone from being the silent type to being quite the chatty person. Each name in that row is a conversation Tab.
  • PitBull – For all the unit frames visible, mine, my target, target of target, focus and focus’ target (the one marked with the red X above and to the left of mine is my Focus frame).
  • ElkBuffBars – For all my buffs and debuffs. Now, neither of my posts show where the debuff appears. I put the debuffs bar to the right of my Unit Frame, in the space between that and my Target frame to be specific, that way I won’t miss the debuff and can dispell it, if I’m a dispelling class or CoS out of it. Weapon buffs appear to the left above Autobar (as seen in the previous post in-combat shot).
  • Chinchilla – For the minimap, and I love it. Both the name and the addon itself rock.
  • TinyTip – For the tooltip, I might yet change this to CowTip, not sure however.
  • EePanels2 – For the artwork surrounding the action bar, the middle button, the minimap and the dragon on the unit frame.
  • SharedMedia – Although not an addon but a library, it’s what gives my “bars” the look they have. The textures.
  • ButtonFacade – Textures/skins for all the buttons in Trinity and Autobar (does that round button effect with a glossy surface).

The ones you can not see:

  • Aloft – For the nameplates above enemies and friendly targets. Can not see it active because it is not active. Hehe.
  • BigWigs – Mandatory for raid (that or DeadlyBossMods), I like this better than the other one because, at least for me, BW has proved to be more accurate and more resource friendly. Can not see it because the combat is over.
  • SCT+SCTD – Scrolling Combat Text, with it’s Damage add-on (add-on to the add-on if you will), can not see it because I’m not doing any actions.
  • Quartz – Casting bars, they’re enabled for all possible targets.
  • ClassTimer – Keeps track of all my spells with a timer. From Renews to Ruptures and Poisons to Sunders (depending on character of course).
  • CooldownTimers2 – Keeps track of all my cooldowns, in the form of bars, from skills to items, and even the cooldowns on the skills of my pets (if any). These bars show between the middle button and the right side action bar.
  • Omen – Another mandatory one that is not showing due to combat being over. It shows between the middle button and the left side action bar.
  • EavesDrop – Simpler combat log, shows to the right of the chat box when there’s activity.
  • DrDamage – Although you could perhaps see it in the screenshot, it puts the amount of damage, calculated thru my bonuses and skills, at the bottom of my spell/skill buttons, either at the action bars or the spellbook, also gives you a detailed breakdown of your spell coefficients, efficiency, and much more.
  • Mapster – For the map πŸ˜›
  • RatingBuster – Very useful if you want to find out what that X Hit rating means in percentage, or how much Crit Percent do you get for that piece with XX Agility. How much Mana Regen you get from XX Intelect, so on.
  • IHML – I Have Macro LoL, it’s a one-button, multi-macro wonder. I first heard of this one via Kestrel’s Aerie, and I’ve tried and liked it a lot. Thanks go to Mr. Kestrel for his article reviewing this addon.
  • Lightheaded – For questing, takes the comments from WoWHead and puts it in game for me to read them.
  • Combuctor – Bag add-on, very useful, allows me to view the items in my bag and banks in a nice and ordered manner, either by category or overall, if I want to just show pieces of gear I might have in the bags that go in the Chest slot, I can. If i want to find out how many ores I have sitting in my bank, I can. I love it.
  • BindPad – Allows me to bind spells directly to keys, I know that’s a feature that WoW itself has, but BindPad just does it in a nice graphical interface.

Some of these add-ons have added modules or libraries or add-ons that I use, some of them are GridManaBars, to show mana/rage/energy bars in Grid. The only FuBar module I use is OmenFu, but the real reason why I have FuBar is to be a holding pen for all the other add-on icons which otherwise would be all cluttering my minimap.

That’s it for addons. And for my post. If you wish, I’ll add links to each and every add-on I use, but for now I’ll leave it as it is. I’ll also try to add an in-combat, while-casting screenshot today later.

On a side note, if you’ve been following Meara’s posts, you might know we’ve been struggling with Lurker. And if you check the TinyTip in the screenshot, and what is floating behind us in the shot, you’ll notice our struggles with the big fish are over. Lurker is down and TTC is finally 1/6 SSC, sadly it was too late to attempt another boss and we had to call it, and since yesterday was the last of our raiding nights for the week, we will have to attempt again Tuesday, kill him again, and move on to Hydross…or something.

I’m so happy, also it is very curious how it happened when I got Deilanis in for heals, that sort of boosted my healing ego a bit πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now. Cheers!.




3 responses

23 08 2008

I’m a bit late catching up on “stuff” but I wanted to compliment you on a nice, clean, good-looking UI. I never publish screenshots of mine because it looks like my desk. πŸ˜‰

Thanks also for the link to my article on IHML — it’s gratifying to know I’ve helped someone out with anything I write.

Warmest regards,


24 08 2008

Well, ehm…*nervous smille* Hi!. Thank you for the comment. And thank you for the compliments. I’m really happy with the way it looks and feels. It was hard to find one that worked with all my characters and could look the same but I did achieve that with this one. It’s both good looking and quite functional.

I am still working out a few kinks here and there, along with some glitches (honestly it is only one and it is very weird, if the character I’m playing has his/her headpiece showing, the portrait shows him/her panned down -only shows from the top of the forehead and above-, also happens in the target frame). I may also add a gathering mod.

About your article on IHML, it was very useful so it is I who should thank you for that, honestly I wouldn’t have found it myself.

– Ak out.
I love your blog by the way.

10 09 2009

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. πŸ™‚ Cheers! Sandra. R.

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