Weapon Damage?

26 09 2008

I have gone back to leveling a Ally pally. Before, I just did what I was told, and kept my same way at looking at upgrades. I Have always been a caster unless it was just leveling. I always looked at Stats > Weapon Damage. Now here’s the question I’m going to, I guess, answer for myself.  If I’m completely off please go ahead and correct me.

So which of all the categories does the most damage in the long run? I have always heard two handed maces, or pole arms. I have always thought daggers where on the bottom of this damage list. To do this analysis I will make sure to separate “Caster” from Tank and DPS weapons. Actually I won’t even include caster weapons in this simply because caster weapons are used for stats only really, including wands and throwing.

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Mount Achivement

23 09 2008

SO CUTE!! :3

Now I have been hearing all this “Is the 75 mount achievement possible?!” Well… I plan to find out in this post! Is it worth it? I dunno, I’m currently working on reputation with Wintersaber… So… If that is worth it to have a purple kitty, (So what I like purple and I like kitties. Why do you think i rolled a Druid?) Then Maybe the white drake is worth it as well? You will have to be the judge of that, cause remember there are people out there who want every single non-combat pet.. well at lest most of them… and I will never admit to being one.. I have enough wow mini addictions.

I will go thru exactly every reputation to find all the mounts. Remember some mounts you can only have one, like the Nehterdrakes. First I will go thru each mount, what races can actually use them, and come up with end figures, so please stay tuned for all this ranting, and stuff that may come along with this.

Since I am ally and we all know that by now, I will do them first. Then I will figure the horde then Neutral faction mounts. So Hordies If I’m wrong please feel free to correct me (constructively).

Before I go in to that… Sorry about any oops in my counting.. >>; or Math.. Half of this is just done in my head.. which is not the greatest math tool.

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