Mount Achivement

23 09 2008

SO CUTE!! :3

Now I have been hearing all this “Is the 75 mount achievement possible?!” Well… I plan to find out in this post! Is it worth it? I dunno, I’m currently working on reputation with Wintersaber… So… If that is worth it to have a purple kitty, (So what I like purple and I like kitties. Why do you think i rolled a Druid?) Then Maybe the white drake is worth it as well? You will have to be the judge of that, cause remember there are people out there who want every single non-combat pet.. well at lest most of them… and I will never admit to being one.. I have enough wow mini addictions.

I will go thru exactly every reputation to find all the mounts. Remember some mounts you can only have one, like the Nehterdrakes. First I will go thru each mount, what races can actually use them, and come up with end figures, so please stay tuned for all this ranting, and stuff that may come along with this.

Since I am ally and we all know that by now, I will do them first. Then I will figure the horde then Neutral faction mounts. So Hordies If I’m wrong please feel free to correct me (constructively).

Before I go in to that… Sorry about any oops in my counting.. >>; or Math.. Half of this is just done in my head.. which is not the greatest math tool.

Alliance Only Mounts

Total of 47 Ally Only Mounts.
Gnomes, Dwarfs (47)
Humans, Night Elves, Draenei (40)

Gnomeregan Exiles (Dwarf/Gnome Only): ° 7 °

Ironforge (All): ° 6 °

Stormwind (All): ° 8 °

Darnassus (All): ° 6 °

Exodar (All)° 6 °

PVP: ° 6 °

Miscellaneous: ° 1 °

Flying: ° 7 °

Horde Only Mounts

43 Horde Only Mounts
Orc, Troll, Blood Elf, Undead Get 43 Mounts
Tauren get 35 Mounts

Dark Spear Trolls (All BUT Tauren): ° 6 °

Orgrimmar (All): ° 6 °

Thunderbluff (All): ° 6 °

Undercity (All BUT Tauren): ° 5 °

Silvermoon City (All BUT Tauren): ° 7 °

PVP: ° 6 °

Flying: ° 7 °


50 Total Neutral Mounts
41 Maximum For 1 Toon

Reputation Mounts: ° 21 °

Max For 1 toon ° 15 °
(I think I got them all..)

Instance (Non World Event) Mounts: ° 13 °

Most One Toon Can have ° 10 °

Seasonal Mounts: ° 3 °

(Didn’t include Brooms.. Since they have a 14 day cool down. Wouldn’t count that as a mount. more like Fresh Holly or Hops)

TCG Mounts: ° 5 °

PVP Mounts: ° 5 °

Profession Mounts: ° 2 °

Promotion Mounts: ° 1 °


Okay with all that linkage done. I think my Ctrl + V is worn out or at least my hand. I come to a total of 140 Mounts obtainable at least at some time during the game.

  • Orc, Troll, and Undead Get 95 mounts options.
  • Tauren get 76 mounts.
  • Blood Elves get 97 mount options
  • Gnomes and Dwarfs get 99 mount options
  • Draenei get 92 mount options.
  • Humans get 94 mount options.
  • Night Elves get 90 mount options.

Now hold on! I said options. In a perfect world where we have taken part in EVERY event, got extremely lucky by rolling 100s on these Rare instance mounts, and have been playing since Original Wow release, have gotten All the TCG cards, and O.o Did Recruit-a-friend while being at AQ Gates Event.

  • One Orc, Troll, or Undead Can Get 86 mounts total.
  • Blood Elves can get 88 mount total
  • One Tauren can get 76 mounts total.
  • Gnomes and Dwarfs can get 90 mounts total
  • Draenei can get 83 mounts total.
  • Humans can get 85 mounts total.
  • Night Elves can get 81 mounts total.

So is the 75 mount achievement feasible? Most likely Not. 6 Mounts are no longer obtainable. 2 Mount options are from Aq40 or AQ Gate Event, and some Mounts are far too rare for people to get like the Spectral Tiger or Al’ar. So to be realistic, People are not going to go out and get all the little 60% speed mounts or go back to Aq40 or even go back to Strathome just for farm up the Deathcharger OR Spend 1 grand (USD) for a Swift Spectral Tiger Mount (Has gone down since I last checked the price for kicks) . So with the mounts now, I don’t think it is a reasonable Achievement. Now Maybe! just MAYBE! There will be enough mounts to make this even an “sane” achievement.

I would not go thru this even avoiding some of this problem mounts if for the Albino Drake. For something else maybe… Yea.. For a chance at a rare Non obtainable mount? Hellz Yea!

[EDIT] Yea, I forgot class only mount. So I went ahead and added it to the figures.  They include:







2 responses

13 10 2008

But, you are forgetting one thing. Wotlk will introduce MORE mounts. So there is hope yet!

15 10 2008

they have lowered it to 50 mounts

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