Weapon Damage?

26 09 2008

I have gone back to leveling a Ally pally. Before, I just did what I was told, and kept my same way at looking at upgrades. I Have always been a caster unless it was just leveling. I always looked at Stats > Weapon Damage. Now here’s the question I’m going to, I guess, answer for myself.  If I’m completely off please go ahead and correct me.

So which of all the categories does the most damage in the long run? I have always heard two handed maces, or pole arms. I have always thought daggers where on the bottom of this damage list. To do this analysis I will make sure to separate “Caster” from Tank and DPS weapons. Actually I won’t even include caster weapons in this simply because caster weapons are used for stats only really, including wands and throwing.

The list I will be using is:

  • Fist
  • Dagger
  • One Handed Mace
  • One Handed Axe
  • One Handed Swords
  • Two Handed Axe
  • Two Handed Swords
  • Two Handed Maces
  • Pole Arms
  • Guns
  • Bows
  • Crossbows

To make this fair  and as accurate as possible, I will try to get the weapons I’m using in this calculation I will Not include PVP and include Epic quality and item levels of 140 to 154. This item level range is Mt. Hyjal to Sunwell. I will also sort 1 item out of the group regardless if it’s the Main hand or Off hand; which ever one hits harder. I will also not include Speed or attack power or DPS. I wanna know Weapon Damage. PVP weapons Hit harder than most items, and they have pretty much the same stats between them.Talk about a waste. I also didn’t include druid. Since they are probably the “stable” of the 2 handed weapons, they are still druid only. As of now there are not Warrior staffs so I wont include them.

Okay so the weapons I pick include. Bold is their damage and RED is the range of damage in between High and Low.


One Handed

Two Handed

Breaking down this data, Maces are hard hitters but the least stable. In a raiding environment they are probably the poorest quality item for DPS to use. For Farming/leveling and PVP content, they are the best. Spike damage will either kill you or kill them, and who has Omen in AB?

Axes on the other hand do the least amount of damage but are the most steady. Is it worth it I wonder? I mean Stable damage would give you a bit more of an idea of the threat you pull and your actual DPS would be easier to maintain. Hitting too high of a crit on mob at the wrong time instance wise might be a bad idea. Might get you killed and your raid leader screaming at you.

As for guns. It sucks cause the only option I had was a tank gun.

I just opened up new questions. These are the best Epics in the game( at lest as far as I know). I wonder if this is a reasonable representation of all the weapons…? Is how I’m seeing it really is how its supposed to be? I have heard that Maces were the stable of the two, and then it makes me wonder about Sword Rogues. I guess, I’m not factoring in some information here. It also matters how hard you hit and how fast, and how often, and the spec of the class.




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