[Nine and a Half Storms] Talents

24 10 2008

Nine and a Half Storms Elemental Shaman talk, this time about Talents.

With all these talent changes I really wanted to share with you a few of my thoughts on the Elementalist (Elemental Shaman) aspect of these changes.  Witch I know this is a messy topic. Spechaly with all the changes. So I will try not to QQ as much as possibal, becuase it’s all about the pewpew.  I’m just hopfully going to get a bit of debate here. 😛

New Talents

 Lava Flows: Half of this talent is a bit iffy for me. I don’t use Flame shock that much since I’m really not close enough to us any shocks, and I really don’t know about Lava burst. Going off what it says, besides being an awesome sounding spell. Would be grate for Grinding and for PVP. In a PVE stand point there is testing I would need to do before I would determine that.  I do think you might as well grab this one. I don’t think in raiding I will get with in 20 yards to use Flame shock. If these are met then it would be a nice addition to the rotation. Specially if you time it to lava burst just a bit before the last tick. You would optimise the damage of the combo.

 Elemental Oath: This is one of those things that are going to make elemental shamans really great for raiding. No one can argue with this. Specially since 1 it’s raid wide; 2 this will help every one but melee people, like Rogues, Hunters and Warriors. Paladins, Priests, Druids, other Shamans, Mages, Locks all could benefit from the 5% crit.

 Astral Shift: Is DEFIANTLY PVP spell.  there is no doubt about that. Yea silence is a problem, but we are no tanking. So there is no reason why in a boss fight that we are going to need to take 10% less damage during these moments. For PVP, as I always say I don’t know much about but just from what I do know, I would defiantly get this one hands down. Finally we can take less damage from Fear+Corruption+Seed :/

 Storm, Earth, and Fire: Creative name here (yes that’s sarcasm), but I love what it dose. Going back to what I said about Lava Flows, and making sure you have the right timing down. this would defiantly make the combo work greatly to a shamans advantage. As for the Earth shock side, I might only use from this point on in PVP against casters, since Wind Shock has a nice PVE side it. Last but not least the Cool-down reduction to Chain Lighting, need I Say more?! Chain lighting posted by Elitist jerks and I agree with them Chain Lighting is probably the most LEAST mana efficient spell but when used has the highest DPS compared to Lighting Bolt. This kinda messes with my 3 Lighting Bolt 1 Chain lighting rotation, but right now having to add Laval Bust in to it. It’s already screwed.  So that’s just a few more sec change that needs to take place. Once I get the rotation in order. I KNOW, for a fact, that Elementalist’s DPS will go up. How much? That is unsure. 

Now on to the real question of this post. The 61 point talent Thunderstorm I am gonna just put my 2 cents in here. You can disagree with me or not, but trust me I am not QQing. QQ in my dictionary is just ~itching to ~itch. I have tryed Thunderstorm out so I know what it dose and what the effect is.
 Thunderstorm is a tank/melee’s worst nightmare!! (I have to understate this since I don’t wanna blind you with all the “!”) Thunderstorm‘s kick back throws things out of Paladin’s Consecration (8yards), Warrior’s Thunderclap (10yards), and Druid’s Swipe (5yards). Just for starters! It also throws things out of melee range. Thus this as a useful PVE talent in my mind is Blasphemy! In PVP It is wonders. Only thing in PVE this is good for is if you pulled too many mobs off the tanks and you need to get away, but if your tank is helping you it is better if you do nothing. Other then that it gives me now about 400 mana back after use. That’s probably all I will use it for; a mana pot I can take a few more times during battle. I wouldn’t use this to AOE! I will still continue to run up Drop Magma Totem run back and spam Chain Lightning.  

 If you can give me a glyph that would Remove the knock-back but more damage, that would make it worth while. Maybe 2% would be too much but any change like that would be worth it.


I used to hold my own in a raid where the rest of the people in my guild; who are much better geared then my shaman. I have been raiding for a while. Every day is a 25man or at lest a 10 man. Many days I have done several in a row. The thing is that No matter how I find tune my rotation, I seem to struggle to stay above the tanks in Damage. So I wanted to make sure I knew every reason why I was being more of a dead weight to my raids. I won’t go in to rotation since this post is about Talents. 

Spell hit for Elementalist is one of the biggest things that hurt there dps. PrePatch we had 12% *152 Hit Rating* (13% *163 HR* if you are Draenei).  Now we lost Nature’s Guidance from the resto side, witch was 3% *38 HR*. We lost the 3% *38 HR* on Totem of wrath (old here) that was replaced with 140 spell power. Last but not least, they took another 3% *38 HR* from Elemental Precision (old here). So to pass out the check we come to a loss of 9% *114 HR*. With the old talents you would get 152 HR witch would leave a NON-Dreanei shaman with 95% chance to hit a mob 3 levels higher then them; 96% if they are Dreanei. So that leaves you with only 5-4% left to grab from gear. That comes to 63 HR for Non-Draenei’s and 50 for those who are. Now we need 163 HR for non-draeneis and 151for those who are. For those who are not shaman’s are probably like that was way too god like to begin with. Well your wrong, mail with both HR and Crit was hard to come by actually near imposable unless it’s a Tier set.  

With the blue post stating that Elementalist damage will not stabilize with the rest of the classes until 75. Witch that would be the case if Ghostcrawler is right, since the only two fire spells we have is Lava Burst and Flame shock.  I believe what ghostcrawler gose on to state saying that our raiding, leveling, and grouping isn’t compromised until then. I mean I don’t need to do a lot of damage to level, I just need to be able to do enough. My concern isn’t every thing in between now and the new endgame. My worries lie in how we will be able to hit cap and still not have to compromise our crits and haste.

Well I guess this has takin’ me long enough to type up! Hope I got all the typos and stuff. I made my self not play with achievements ’till I got this published. So remember peeps;





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