Spoke too soon…

26 11 2008

So, yes we were back, and! we gotz the Itch King…now we need a suitable computer. The very same day Lich King was released, my always faithfull Dell Laptop decided it was time to hang the towel, the video card burned (literally) and it now only works as a very messed up office computer…with some luck and tries. So I was left with one choice: Meara and I were to share her laptop. Now, that one handles Burning Crusade “OK”, nothing great, all settings down, etc. But Lich King is a tad heavier than the previous expansion.

As such, I had a lag-tastic experience during that week, and I was…well, not satisfied, nor happy, but I suppose I at least was playing huh, and Meara was too, so that’s something. Oh no, that wouldn’t be allowed. Three days ago her laptop took a nose-dive into Hard Drive issues!.

Now, after a few testing and more thinking, I’ve transplanted ( O.o WTH) my hard drive to her computer, and at least last night it seemed to go well enough. We shall see, and hope it lasts long. EDIT: Forgot to mention, while installing windows and office apps, and WoW on my ex-hard-drive, the DvD drive decided to start acting up, wooopie! 

In-game, I got as far as some Zul’drak, and level 76, slowly crawling my way there and not daring to do instance runs, something that is slowing down my leveling a bit more. We have some 80’s in the guild already and it won’t be long before we start wanting to venture into Naxx, I must hurry, that…and I have to get another computer so Meara and I can play like the old times.

Ah yes…that was the last time I buy a laptop as a main computer, ever (even if it’s a gaming one).




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