Back again

5 01 2009

Well, I really don’t have much to say but I guess I’ll rant a little. I have brought Velun, my shaman, to 80 first. I’m still waiting for the day when the guild asks me to either 1 respect or 2 bring up the priest.

I had to rush threw Northrend witch was a disappointment, I wanted to read all the juicy details about the place but it really didn’t come out like that. They where already at Sapphy by the time I hit 80, let alone getting my crafted gear set up. After a bit of drama around the guild and stuff like that I finally get to do the one thing I enjoy the most out of W.o.W. RAIDING. I got my T7 shoulders on the first night WOOT! Also have so far gotten in to 25 man NAXX where I have gotten a nice pair of gloves, that is leaving me in to a headache trying to figure out how to get at least the 2 peace set bonus from T7. Eh, oh well.

I am currently working on my reps. Did I ever tell you how much I despise dailies? I mean I’m waiting for the next patch to come out so I can just turn in the Relics of Ulduar so I don’t have to do the dailies any more. Come on I hate dailies so much I don’t even have the achievement for doing 1 quest for 5 days straight. I get to 4 and then the next day I don’t feel up to doing them. BAH! I think it’s I did nothing but dailies for 4 weeks in a row on the druid to get her epic flight skill.

What’s next for Meara you ask? Hmm, I really don’t know. I have already gotten a DK to level 65 (In one day I might add), but I’m enjoying it. On the other hand though, I have Meara (druid), Miara (priest) and Fayet(hunter) to level… and my two little paladins. Gotta lot on my plate huh? I feel a little over whelmed and a little confused. I might just stick with Mórgan for a while.

Is Morgan too weird of a name for a male? O.o thought it kinda was nice. If AK would let me I think I’d name my son that.

So with all that said… I’ll go, got a lot to do and keep blogging. even thought I have promised to keep going but well I’m trying X.x




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