Doughnut of Healing

13 01 2009

I guess I just have to stick my hands in to the doughnut bag here a bit, I love doughnuts… okay on to what I was going to type!

As you all know I’m still Priest class leader in my guild.. along with shaman…and webmaster… I have been really seeing this still. I know I’m going in to a topic that a lot of people have already talked about, I think I need to give my dozen.. (okay enough with the doughnut puns) I am watching my priests SPAM Circle of Healing. OMFG… Now My self I know the extremity of the whole COH nerf, but I’ll tell you I really… honestly don’t care. I was trained by a Vanilla WOW Priest. Where things where A LOT different. Where over healing was a sin, and grounds for castration. Even though I worked my holy prayers in the past and have  no real reason to go back to celibacy, Why should I care? I don’t care because I rarely used it.. It sucked my mana so dry… In my  head I was always wishing I had Improved Divine Spirit.

Now with the power that comes out of the Wrath gear, Spamming COH is just a cheap way to make you look like your doing something. You have so many spells in your arsenal. Why spam just one…? Without COH you have only one “decent” group heal witch is Prayer of Healing. Witch we all know that it’s expensive on the long, damage intense fights.

So looking at it this way trying to make some seance on why people do it. I look at Loatheb. We all know him as the Big ugly boglord guy that stops all healing only giving you like 6 sec intervals to do healing. Now without COH and Wild Growth. I can see how that is hard to fathom. My self? I would be dishing out renews before the switch, and flashing the shit out of the tank, but that’s just me.

Fights like Thaddius? Why use it to start? I mean if you’r tank can even tank him he will hit like a panzy so healing him isn’t a problem. It’s all done by the DPS/Healers in that fight to be practical. If there is too much healing being done too fast, you are better off dead any way.  Only thing that really needs to be healed is the Chain Lightnings… and a Greater heal or flash will handle that right up.

With the fights in wrath, I really can’t find an absolute need for it… wait.. no… still can’t.

All I have to say with the end of that some what uneventful ranting. People who need and/or really care about this nerf need to roll warriors…paladins to learn how to heal. Priest are the best equipped healers in my opinion. 1 spell never out ways another,  just some are easier in some situations. SPEC OUT OF IT! It’s like your children watching pron on the TV. Let them have it!…wait…Turn it off! Free your mind of the COH curse and learn how to heal like the pros did. By spaming Flash of Light instead…eh… people who NEED COH are the reason why it is getting nerfed to begin with. Spamming something is just like eating doughnuts while you are on a low-carb diet. Give your COH button a brake and practice with some real heals.  If you rolled a Priest for AOE heals, HA! You wasted your time. I rolled mine to HEAL not to spam 1. If I wanted to do that I could have rolled a Rouge to spam Sinister Strike or atlest a mage for Frostbolt.

“Then again, that’s my opinion, I could be wrong.” -Dennis Miller




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