LLS What?

19 01 2009

Well, I’m trying to post more often but I guess I just have to finaly admit to my self I’m never going to be a frequnt poster :P. Guess it dosn’t matter much any way.

So what have I been up too? I have been getting realy well geared. I’m almost both hit and expertize caped on Vel. Verina is level 70 now, and I’m working on Miara again.

We have just gotten down Thaddius in 25man NAXX. It surpizes me a lot how a simple fight can be taken so complicated-ly, or be so underestimated. I love that fight, it’s pritty much welfare epics. Not hinting blizz to make it any more difficalt. My guild had been stuggeling on it for about 2 weeks. It gose to show why raiding guilds have Vent/Teamspeak for a reason. Plus addon requierments like Omen/DBM(bigwigs).

I wasn’t there for the Epic take down since my router has been giving me LLS (Ledgendary Lag Syndrom). To the point I disconnect at lest once a fight if at all, or focing me to play with a 700-900 latency. Ak and I know it’s the router since we tryed to plug in threw LAN and there was NO lag, what so ever. Odd enough it seems to be always during raid times. BAH! We should get it fixed soon or some heads will roll.

Will not be raiding next week since he has been leting me raid the last two weeks. I will be ancy to raid but it just seems like this time it’s going to have to be like that. I guess it will give me time to work on my reputations. I just hit Honored with Sons, and well I don’t even have enough Gold to by my shoulder glyph, and I’m half way to revered with Ebon Blade for my head glyph, but that will take me a few days or so. Plus they annoy me. Not having an Epic Flying mount in Wrath is a pain in the arse. *shrug* Some day Vel will get it but right now I got 5 alts to level. Hehe.




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