I feel bad

26 02 2009

With all my complaining last post.. Skipped Tuesdays raid. I’m not a skipper I have always been a good girl, but I guess it wasn’t that bad any way. How was I supposed to know I was going to be able to play all night. I’m probably going to skip Today’s raid as well. Reason to this is. It’s still not fixed.

Quino (Ak’s brother) finaly got mad enough to try to call up Megacable. We are going to have a tech will come out here soon, to come check the modem and stuff. They better fix it or I’ll throw hot water on the guy! More like I’ll just be so pissed I’ll crawl in bed for a while. I probably won’t raid until the guy comes. I really don’t wanna cause any inconvenience to my fellow guild mates, more then I already have with the AT&T problem. I will see, though.

Of coarse I have new “girly” gaming news. O.o Witch isn’t really news. something that just caught my eye. (sorry i still cant find my spell check button.. will have to use AK for a while)
THE SIMS 3! Okay Ak’s probably going to /plamface for this but dammit i don’t even know if my little computer can handle it….

Back to wow. I have Dinged 60 on my warrior.. YAY!

I’m having a blast. only thing is now I have to level up my two-handed skills to use Titan’s Grip.  SO off to Stocks to Hamstring some Difias guys to death! While getting my epic mount land mount.

OH and I found my spell speck button! it was in the dirty laundry, must have left it in my other pants. 😛


Why life hates me

24 02 2009


I have been having a lot of battles latly with my internet conection. I have probaly only been on long enough to do some minor leveling times on my warrior and edit the site a bit. As I’m wrighting this I’m doing it on Wordpad.. Yes cuase I didn’t even install Micosoft Word on my compter. Since I never had the need for it.. Google Docs is better any way.

We have been fighting alot with both AT&T and Megacable (For those of you who don’t know what Megacable is, it’s owr Cable Internet Provider. Here in Mexico, I don’t suggest it even for my worst enimy).

The first battle with AT&T seems to be a problume WoW world round. People getting D/Ced on boss fights in 25man raids. Seems it also happenes in side Dalaran as well but I avoid that place like the pluage. As you can imagain that is vary annoying, and it makes me feel so bad. I know it’s a pain in the butt for the other 24 raiders. So I donno if I wanna just quit raiding until it’s fixed or continuee to try.

2nd battle with Megacable is just seems to be like we are stuck in a whole and can’t really get out. It disconects us daily now. There are two options for internet; 1: Telmex (ADSL), Now this one is alot more repliable but far more expensive. You have to have it with phone, no ‘if’s ‘and’s or ‘but’s. 2: Megacable (Cable), Where you can buy just ineternet and don’t have to include a phone. Far cheaper. I mean yes I’m sure there is Satalite but it can rain A LOT here in Veracruze so I don’t wanna sit there and watch the forcast on raiding days hoping it dosn’t rain. Besides that stuff is like extreamly expensive. Ak tryed to call megacables Tech Sapport, but first time he waitied 40 min got hung up on, 2nd time around they never awensered. I donno how in the hell can people get away with doing that kinda shit to there costumers.

Maybe I should ask the Ice Stone…Maybe it will know….(Sorry had to add a bit in there) Or maybe my internet conection was the stone, cuase it really did melt.. Or I’m about to throw my modem in the oven to melt it. /lol

I mean yes I have a DS so I could be playing FFTactics or somthing. You know how it is, when you don’t have somthing.. It picks at your brain until you get it. I WANT MY ANGRY DREAD! /Tempertantrim

Yes I’m going Emo.. /slashwrists

(Gasp ware’s my Spell check button!!! /cry)

The Quest

23 02 2009

Another Comic like The Recruit but less graphic this time! I promis!

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23 02 2009

Ok can I get a coodie shot? XD

Well With this I learned that Mal and Izy from TTC Both BLOG! gasp!I love their name of Scribble Kitty (Or is it tastes like lint.. i like scribble kitty fits Mal well!). I SHALL add you to blog roll.. So here is thier taggy thingy.

Being the noob that I am I thought I had to post 6 screen shots.. Not The 6th screen shot in my folder. >>; Ak corrected me. Hes smart like that.

wowscrnshot_020509_1659321It was back when I Finlay got my Ambassador Title. O.o Was taking screen shots of them for this post. It’s my swift palomino. Used that thing until I got my Tan War Talbuk.

SO With that crappy screen shot! I will ADD my own Shiny screen shot of DOOM!

wowscrnshot_022209_023102When you know your Husband loves you. I dieded and he rezzed me! O.o; After I let him get eaten by a Devilsaur.

Me: Use your….
::watches Ak run away and he dies::
Me: Shadowmeld
Ak: Would have helped if you finished your sentence!

Well Iz got a comicz to post. I’ll go tag some one else and get to it!


22 02 2009

Ok that was a random title. FTW!

I have been playing my warrior lately. YES! I jump toons quit frequently. I’m  not exactly sure why… I do how ever know why I have stopped playing Verina. Shes Holy.. trying to level…Ring a bell? Yes Kill Drink Kill Drink X.X. I should probably take her back Ret to level her the rest of the way.

Any way back to the warrior. Again I’m having loads of fun on him. I still die quite frequently but that’s cause I have done these quests on so many other classes already, I forget It’s different for each class. A warrior might be powerful later on in the game Specially with [Titan’s Grip] and besides the fact I’m leveling Fury in Battle stance. Well I herd that’s not the way to level a warrior from Agent Smud. I  just for some reason can’t get the hang of Zerker stance for the life of me, besides, the Arm’s Tree doesn’t really appeal to me in any way shape or form. It would be like leveling a Ret paladin but with out the heals, but he is leveling 4 more levels to go till Outland for him! YAY! I feel so… accomplished.

Planes for him? later on I’m thinking about going Prot. Reason for this is I know it’s going to be a lot of instance grinding. Since it seems that getting tank stuff is harder to come by in Wrath then it was in TBC. So I have heard. I was looking at the “item list” on tankspot the other day. It seems like that is so as well. With that, Yes I will have fun in heroics, and regular instances. On Vel I skipped most of the Heroic instances since we all know by now, Tanks and Healers are harder to come by these days then DPS. So me getting a group for a Heroic would resort me having to sit in LFG for hours, Maybe even Days, tring to get my self a group, regardless if it was a Daily or not. Maybe as prot it will be easier to get the groups. If not.. oh well.

Raiding these days just seems to be, lacking. Quit a bit really. I don’t seem to have as much EXCITEMENT as it did before. Even when we downed KT, it seemed to be like “Oh yay! we did it…. okay what did he drop?” I remember when we downed Lurker for the first time. The fight was fun and interesting, but it wasn’t too “difficult” it was just interesting as its self. When the big fish fell, Vent lit up in about of WOOTS and F**K YEA! It would make me dance in my chair, or as I would say “it made me giggle inside!” Maybe with Ulduar it will be better. Let’s hope!

The Recruit

19 02 2009

First off.. WARNING:. O.o; a lot of stuff used in the “twisted” way. So If you don’t like that kinda stuff I suggest you don’t click “read more” :P. If not be my guest and tell me what ya’ll think! I can’t belive I got this Idea from the song

Marilyn Manso – Tainted Love.. I guess it’s block 3. I also Know I PROBALY SPELLED  FEW THINGS WRONG. ::piffle:: If you understand it I did my job.

I do think I should have gotten The Name Killer a bigger desk….

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9 02 2009

Now since I’m not really raiding until Tuesday. I’m still working on fishing cooking and mining. I have already gotten to 360-ish cooking and 375 mining.

No results from Auction house though! When I went to place them up, my account had expired. It’s fixed but I have been YET AGAIN procrastinating. I will probably put them up later today when I go to my early morning banking…( Banking = me leaving auctioneer scanning while I go nap for a few more hours before I have to do house work, that’s if I do that. Otherwise I nap longer).

I’m thinking of just sitting in Stormwind to get my fishing up to a reasonable level to start doing crawdads. I think it was at lest 370-ish to fish? Not exactly sure on that one. Hopefully I’ll get a Mr. Pinchy! I also missed the stupid Fishing contest in STV.. was busy playing on Thelin had to get him in to plate… just had too!

I am how ever working on my Kureni. I mean I was in Nagrand (I think it’s spelled like that O.o;) farming Adamanite anyway. Might as well farm to exalted and explore it. I have really no intention on doing the nessingwary quests how ever.

I hit 70 with Vel in Nagrand (hitting 70 in Nagrand that’s another story). So I had the chance and choose to skip those. I also miss placed my flight path to Nagran on Mórgan, hehe. I hate that place! Reminds me of farming Primal Airs. /shutter

That talbuk will give me nightmares… Like when I helped Deilanis(Ak) Farm his timbermaw rep to revered(?) back at level 60 on Meara. I swore to my self I would NEVER go to Wintersprings AGAIN! I think I avoided it like the scourge for a good year or so. Before I finished leveling Miara.  /shrug



/crawl in to bed and smothers Ak

(That’s what husbands are good for the women’s replacement for the teddy bear.)

Quote of the Day:  “For the rest of you… Vent up!” – The Name Killer says on vent.