9 02 2009

Now since I’m not really raiding until Tuesday. I’m still working on fishing cooking and mining. I have already gotten to 360-ish cooking and 375 mining.

No results from Auction house though! When I went to place them up, my account had expired. It’s fixed but I have been YET AGAIN procrastinating. I will probably put them up later today when I go to my early morning banking…( Banking = me leaving auctioneer scanning while I go nap for a few more hours before I have to do house work, that’s if I do that. Otherwise I nap longer).

I’m thinking of just sitting in Stormwind to get my fishing up to a reasonable level to start doing crawdads. I think it was at lest 370-ish to fish? Not exactly sure on that one. Hopefully I’ll get a Mr. Pinchy! I also missed the stupid Fishing contest in STV.. was busy playing on Thelin had to get him in to plate… just had too!

I am how ever working on my Kureni. I mean I was in Nagrand (I think it’s spelled like that O.o;) farming Adamanite anyway. Might as well farm to exalted and explore it. I have really no intention on doing the nessingwary quests how ever.

I hit 70 with Vel in Nagrand (hitting 70 in Nagrand that’s another story). So I had the chance and choose to skip those. I also miss placed my flight path to Nagran on Mórgan, hehe. I hate that place! Reminds me of farming Primal Airs. /shutter

That talbuk will give me nightmares… Like when I helped Deilanis(Ak) Farm his timbermaw rep to revered(?) back at level 60 on Meara. I swore to my self I would NEVER go to Wintersprings AGAIN! I think I avoided it like the scourge for a good year or so. Before I finished leveling Miara.  /shrug



/crawl in to bed and smothers Ak

(That’s what husbands are good for the women’s replacement for the teddy bear.)

Quote of the Day:  “For the rest of you… Vent up!” – The Name Killer says on vent.




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