22 02 2009

Ok that was a random title. FTW!

I have been playing my warrior lately. YES! I jump toons quit frequently. I’m  not exactly sure why… I do how ever know why I have stopped playing Verina. Shes Holy.. trying to level…Ring a bell? Yes Kill Drink Kill Drink X.X. I should probably take her back Ret to level her the rest of the way.

Any way back to the warrior. Again I’m having loads of fun on him. I still die quite frequently but that’s cause I have done these quests on so many other classes already, I forget It’s different for each class. A warrior might be powerful later on in the game Specially with [Titan’s Grip] and besides the fact I’m leveling Fury in Battle stance. Well I herd that’s not the way to level a warrior from Agent Smud. I  just for some reason can’t get the hang of Zerker stance for the life of me, besides, the Arm’s Tree doesn’t really appeal to me in any way shape or form. It would be like leveling a Ret paladin but with out the heals, but he is leveling 4 more levels to go till Outland for him! YAY! I feel so… accomplished.

Planes for him? later on I’m thinking about going Prot. Reason for this is I know it’s going to be a lot of instance grinding. Since it seems that getting tank stuff is harder to come by in Wrath then it was in TBC. So I have heard. I was looking at the “item list” on tankspot the other day. It seems like that is so as well. With that, Yes I will have fun in heroics, and regular instances. On Vel I skipped most of the Heroic instances since we all know by now, Tanks and Healers are harder to come by these days then DPS. So me getting a group for a Heroic would resort me having to sit in LFG for hours, Maybe even Days, tring to get my self a group, regardless if it was a Daily or not. Maybe as prot it will be easier to get the groups. If not.. oh well.

Raiding these days just seems to be, lacking. Quit a bit really. I don’t seem to have as much EXCITEMENT as it did before. Even when we downed KT, it seemed to be like “Oh yay! we did it…. okay what did he drop?” I remember when we downed Lurker for the first time. The fight was fun and interesting, but it wasn’t too “difficult” it was just interesting as its self. When the big fish fell, Vent lit up in about of WOOTS and F**K YEA! It would make me dance in my chair, or as I would say “it made me giggle inside!” Maybe with Ulduar it will be better. Let’s hope!




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23 02 2009

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