Why life hates me

24 02 2009


I have been having a lot of battles latly with my internet conection. I have probaly only been on long enough to do some minor leveling times on my warrior and edit the site a bit. As I’m wrighting this I’m doing it on Wordpad.. Yes cuase I didn’t even install Micosoft Word on my compter. Since I never had the need for it.. Google Docs is better any way.

We have been fighting alot with both AT&T and Megacable (For those of you who don’t know what Megacable is, it’s owr Cable Internet Provider. Here in Mexico, I don’t suggest it even for my worst enimy).

The first battle with AT&T seems to be a problume WoW world round. People getting D/Ced on boss fights in 25man raids. Seems it also happenes in side Dalaran as well but I avoid that place like the pluage. As you can imagain that is vary annoying, and it makes me feel so bad. I know it’s a pain in the butt for the other 24 raiders. So I donno if I wanna just quit raiding until it’s fixed or continuee to try.

2nd battle with Megacable is just seems to be like we are stuck in a whole and can’t really get out. It disconects us daily now. There are two options for internet; 1: Telmex (ADSL), Now this one is alot more repliable but far more expensive. You have to have it with phone, no ‘if’s ‘and’s or ‘but’s. 2: Megacable (Cable), Where you can buy just ineternet and don’t have to include a phone. Far cheaper. I mean yes I’m sure there is Satalite but it can rain A LOT here in Veracruze so I don’t wanna sit there and watch the forcast on raiding days hoping it dosn’t rain. Besides that stuff is like extreamly expensive. Ak tryed to call megacables Tech Sapport, but first time he waitied 40 min got hung up on, 2nd time around they never awensered. I donno how in the hell can people get away with doing that kinda shit to there costumers.

Maybe I should ask the Ice Stone…Maybe it will know….(Sorry had to add a bit in there) Or maybe my internet conection was the stone, cuase it really did melt.. Or I’m about to throw my modem in the oven to melt it. /lol

I mean yes I have a DS so I could be playing FFTactics or somthing. You know how it is, when you don’t have somthing.. It picks at your brain until you get it. I WANT MY ANGRY DREAD! /Tempertantrim

Yes I’m going Emo.. /slashwrists

(Gasp ware’s my Spell check button!!! /cry)




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