I feel bad

26 02 2009

With all my complaining last post.. Skipped Tuesdays raid. I’m not a skipper I have always been a good girl, but I guess it wasn’t that bad any way. How was I supposed to know I was going to be able to play all night. I’m probably going to skip Today’s raid as well. Reason to this is. It’s still not fixed.

Quino (Ak’s brother) finaly got mad enough to try to call up Megacable. We are going to have a tech will come out here soon, to come check the modem and stuff. They better fix it or I’ll throw hot water on the guy! More like I’ll just be so pissed I’ll crawl in bed for a while. I probably won’t raid until the guy comes. I really don’t wanna cause any inconvenience to my fellow guild mates, more then I already have with the AT&T problem. I will see, though.

Of coarse I have new “girly” gaming news. O.o Witch isn’t really news. something that just caught my eye. (sorry i still cant find my spell check button.. will have to use AK for a while)
THE SIMS 3! Okay Ak’s probably going to /plamface for this but dammit i don’t even know if my little computer can handle it….

Back to wow. I have Dinged 60 on my warrior.. YAY!

I’m having a blast. only thing is now I have to level up my two-handed skills to use Titan’s Grip.  SO off to Stocks to Hamstring some Difias guys to death! While getting my epic mount land mount.

OH and I found my spell speck button! it was in the dirty laundry, must have left it in my other pants. 😛




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