Vel VS. PTR 3.1 Part 1 Shaman Changes

5 03 2009

~ For those of you who saw this on the RSS Feed and on the Site before this updated on was Publish I appologize for it becuase I accsadently hit the Publish Button when my bother in law came home and I had to switch computers. SORRY!

So Yea I have Finlay decided to hit the PTR. Normally I try to avoid it since I don’t like to get exited about something before it’s release.  How ever there was so much hype about it I had to dig my fingers and beat up a few Target Dummies to see the changes it would do to my shaman. I love to theory craft so I figured it would be a fun experience as long as I stay away from Ulduar.

Ill Brake this bost since its a Loooong one.

These are the changes as of now:


  • Bloodlust/Heroism: Cooldown reduced to 5 minutes, but Sated and Exhausted now last 10 minutes.
  • Flametongue Weapon: Bonus damage from spell power now based on weapon speed. Slower weapons will benefit more from spell power.
  • Frostbrand Weapon: Damage increased by approximately 20%.
  • Poison Cleansing Totem and Disease Cleansing Totem have been merged into Cleansing Totem. Cleansing Totem pulses every 3 sec, down from 5.
  • Talents
    • Enhancement
      • Lava Lash now has a new icon. (Haha, Omfg Nerf the Icon Upgrades. it looks like a Pigment now)
      • Flurry: Now provides 5/10/15/20/25% haste instead of 10/15/20/25/30%. (Ouch)
      • New Talent: Frozen Power: Increases the damage done by your Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, Lava Lash and Shock spells by 5/10% on targets afflicted by your Frostbrand Attack effect, and your Frost Shock has a 50/100% chance to root the target in Ice for 5 sec. when used on targets at or further than 15 yards from you. (Pvp all the way)
      • Spirit Weapons: Now reduces all threat generated by 30%, not just physical attacks. (still wanted the exp to be on this talent /sob)
      • Stormstrike charges have been increased by 2, and cooldown reduced by 2 sec.
      • Improved Stormstrike re-designed: When you Stormstrike, you have a 50/100% chance to immediately grant you 20% of your base mana.(could be promising)
      • Toughness: No longer increases your armor. Instead, this talent now increases your total Stamina by 2/4/6/8/10%. (another PVP one I guess it also could be used in fights where you need a butt load of Health to get by wouldn’t spec in to it tho)
      • Unleashed Rage: Reduced to 3 points, down from 5. Each point now also increases your total Expertise by 3/6/9%. (THANK YOU ALL MIGHTY! BLIZZARD)
    • Elemental
      • New Talent: Booming Echoes: Reduces the cooldown of your Flame Shock and Frost Shock spells by an additional 1/2 sec., and increases the direct damage done by your Flame Shock and Frost Shock spells by an additional 10/20%. (O.o I’m not elemental, any more, but that one sounds good! Flame shock seems to be mostly the shock for Ele Shamans. Buffing it for them would be nice they have been needing a good hug since Wrath was released. That’s why I left it)
    • Restoration (Ain’t healing so I’ll skip these)

      • Ancestral Awakening: This talent now accounts for your ineffective healing, rather than effective.
      • Cleanse Spirit now has a new icon.
      • Riptide: This spell has a new icon.
      • Tidal Force: Now has a new spell effect.

Let’s stay take a step back to Live realms. This is roughly what my DPS looks like in a 9:10 fight. I went ’till I was completely broke. I had no mana pots on me witch I really never carry them any way. I’m not ashamed of my DPS even though I find it to be rather on the Low side. I still have a few blues I can’t seem to get rid of (Lost my T7.5 to a tank Xx twice!).  My current Live realm spec is HERE, it dose need a few changes but I don’t raid a whole lot, with Ak and I swapping weeks, to test specs out and with this new PTR coming out, I’ll just respec then as needed.

livedpscountmini(click to get orginal Screenshot)

Now in this I was actually trying to go for 8 minutes, but ended up with a full bar of mana. So I went any way till I completely ran dry. I think I made the mistake of hitting Chain lighting once so that’s why there’s a scroll bar. 😛 Now like I said this is completely unbuffed just my totems, wolves and I. Now let’s look at some talent builds on the PTR. I show you my g lyphs with them :P.

  • Test 1: I went 11 min and never ran out of mana. That doesn’t work but I had a Top spike damage at 5.8k Damage and a low of 1.6k( when I was refreshing totems most likely) For these tests I’m Popping Heroism and Using the Excision as the timer 10min I stop, but on this test I popped it Rather late.ptrtest1miniClick to get the Orginal Screenshot

So far that’s a .4K dps increase and a 600,000 Over all Damage increase. How ever I never popped Shamanic Rage Once in the inter test session. This how ever means I can change a few talents around to get out of mana conservation and place them in to damage. How ever, I only picked up 1 in Shamanic Focus 1 in Elemental Focus and Mental Quickness. So that’s a 2 point change since Mental Quickness probably won’t be leaving my talent build from the Conversion from AP to SP.

  • Test 2: Not much of a change talent wise. Only Side effect was I put out a little bit more DPS but about 5 min in to the test I was OOM, and had to pop a Shamanic Rage as I predicted.

ptrtest2miniClick to get orginal ScreenShot

That’s a 38DPS increase. /sarcasm Oh whoppy! /endsarcasm How ever, I did start scrambling for “where F is this button!” half way threw the Test. I don’t have my key bindings where they would be on Live realms since Bindpad is not installed nor is it updated for PTR. Considering that fact, it maybe a promising spec. Not knowing where things are and Mouse picking buttons tend to lower DPS drastically, Besides on the first test I didn’t pop Fire Elemental and this last one I did.. I don’t think Fiery dose only 38 Dps? If so he needs a major buff. Last note is I did less Damage over all… roughly 100,000…Can’t be… specially since 38 dps over a 10min period is some where around 22,800 Damage. I wonder if it has to do with the Mages spamming the dummy with Blizzard. /shrug

So Let’s try that one again! I’ll have to fetch bindpad… and I promise not to cheat and not pop Fiery this time to keep the test the same. I’ll get out Tool as well, 😛 let’s go all out! XD

  • Test 3: I managed to squeeze a little more DPS out this time Woot…okay maybe one more DPS! I also didn’t pop my fire elemental 😛 so that’s promising… okay not really. I popped Shamanic Rage 4 times in the 10min test.

ptrtest3miniClick to get original Screenshot

That’s a 39 DPS increase… with less over all damage. I guess my time indicator isn’t exact. So that must why that decrease.

If you don’t like to worry about mana and then Test 1, would be the spec for you! With that maybe don’t spec in to Shamanic Rage and Get something more nifty. How ever if your an elitist and Every DPS, in your book, counts. Then Test 2 & 3 spec are your pick. I’m pretty sure if I can get my hand on that Blasted Angry Dread My dps will go up with Test 2 & 3. Specially since of Weapon Mastery. How ever, there is some test I have always wanted to do, Since I’m here I might as well do this.

I had a conversation with another fellow Shaman’s who is now an Ex Guildy of mine. The difference between Double Windfury and No Lava Lash and the current way I work things. Since I’m already speced with test three and Two, I will use that spec to test that.

  • Optional Test 4: Besides there being allot of time of me sitting there playing with stuff on the desk. I couldn’t wait for it to be over X.x yes I had a lot of time to worrier about other things, but look at this:

ptrtest4miniWindfury did proc more but comparison didn’t to a whole lot more damage. ~180K more then One windfury. I’m not great at math I think that’s some where around ~15% more damage? That probably means that My off Hand was procing it more then my Main Hand.  It seems to be a 100 DPS diffance.. I think I will stick to my Lava lash.

Maybe I’ll add the rest to another post O.o I think I already Hit a wall of text mark. 😛




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