Hey, the rogue is back!

8 03 2009

I should have named this “Of PTR’s, DS Gaming, Blue Penises and a Reluctant Macbook”, but I didn’t so yeah.

What’s been up? Not much, first there was that mean issue with instances booting people offline, issue that affected us a lot during a full week. There is no news about it that I can see, but last night I ran Naxx 25 for the first time since that awful week and had no problems, so I’m hoping that issue got fixed finally.

Also we had ISP issues of our own, a week after those instance problems showed up, we started to have several continuos disconnects, not only from WoW but our internet overall kept going down, it was an issue with the conexions physically, that one is definitely fixed and we’ve been enjoying our full 2mbps since then, yay!.

While that whole internet-losing ordeal was going on, I decided to sit back and play some NDS games I had laying around there. I’ve been having a blast with some various games and I may make a post about those individually, but for now, I’m still playing them when I have the time (mainly while Meara is playing WoW and my brother is using the other computer).

And then we have the whole PTR thing…

I’ve been toying around in it for a few days, as much as it’s allowed me, since the damn thing keeps going down (World Server is down thing).
For starters, I switched back to Combat on Ak, and went to whack on the dummies for a bit. After 8 minutes of slashing and hacking at the dummy, the result in Recount was a 800 DPS increase over my current Mutilate spec in Live realms. This is of course using almost the same gear.

The differences in gear? My Valorous shoulders in the PTR are not gemmed or enchanted, the T7.25 shoulders in Live are fully gemmed and enchanted. The simple fact that even with that minor disadvantage in the PTR combat still saw an increase in DPS tells me things are going well for the Combat tree.

Of course I was a bit dumb and decided to give my 1,000 gold to my Death Knight to test out the dual spec, and ended up with a whole 6 gold to my rogue…smart huh? So I haven’t been able to go back and switch to Mutilate in PTR and check out the differences there.

On the other hand, I went and hit the Argent Tournament grounds. Fun stuff, and even quite enjoyable when the World Server is not crashing…heh.

Here’s some pictures of the thing:

Sir Akhellar

Akhellar, Knight of the Purple Banner



And that’s that, then it’s a bunch of Wold server is down thing…

And then there’s yesterday, I kind of dragged Meara to the movies (with a promise of having lunch at a restaurant) and we watched the Watchmen movie. If you’ve seen it already, you’ll know why the blue manhood reference in my should’ve-been post title, if not, I really recommend you to go watch it. While it is not perfect of course, and many will dislike it, I thought it was a very well done movie, and a good adaptation of the graphic novel.

Right now, yes at 30 minutes past midnight, Mexico time, I’m still fighting with my brother’s Macbook, he installed Windows XP (yes, I know, sacrilege!, but we can blame Autodesk for not having a readily available Mac version of Autocad) and I am now struggling to install the drivers, since Bootcamp was nice enough to give us the middle finger when we asked it to put in the drivers…sigh, but hey, I’m making some progress, Video card and wireless drivers are up and running!.

Catch you later and I’m hoping I can keep posting more frequently now, if not, you should have enough with my wifey’s rants!…erm, posts…yes.




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