Chronicles of a Dying Guild 01

14 03 2009

1156959_23046151Warning: This post may contain some drama topics, furthermore, if you don’t like the “my guild” kind of posts, please turn back and skip this post.


I was sitting here reading one of Meara’s drafts, checking spelling as I am supposed to do, and I thought of something interesting to do (interesting for me anyway).

For a while now, the guild we both are in – from now on referred to as The Crown – has been going in an apparent spiral down to oblivion. And I think to myself: “If it does happen, and the guild ends up falling under its own weight, it’d be the 3rd 4th time I’ve witnessed such a thing first hand, why?”. So I think it’d be interesting to “record” the downfall of such events.

I feel some background is needed, so here goes:

One of the first guilds we formed part of (excluding obviously leveling guilds and our bank-guild) was called Dreamweavers II (DWII), no point avoiding to speak the name since it has long disappeared. It was full of wonderful people, and it was our home for quite some months -I think a year and some actually. At first we were doing small stuff, UBRS being our top triumph (back in the 10-man UBRS raid days). Soon after, we started aiming for 40-mans. What happened and didn’t happen is full of details I think I should skip. The important part, however, is the increasing desire and despair of our old GM to achieve the goal apparently all of us had: Molten Core.

To achieve this goal, she thought our best bet would be a guild alliance, and after a few weeks of thought into it and trial runs, we were in the raid instance, we did not get too far, and we attributed it to adapting both different guilds to work together.

Somewhere around this time, yours truly saw the complete lack of dedicated and constant healers in our raids, and decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. Deilanis was born, and I made it my duty to become the best.

The trials kept coming, with work on Molten Core, Zul’Gurub and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20-man). Somewhere along the lines, things went downhill, the alliance broke and some members left DWII to our ex-allied guild. Not too long after, our GM had a breakdown, cracking under the pressure (Ok, that’s the excuse, since in reality, the pressure was on her most abused Officers: Meara and our friend, Ty). Lashing out, she decided the guild should be no more, and disbanded.

What followed was a rescue operation that ended up in the forming of a new guild, “Disbanded“, from most of the members of DWII, the resulting guild accomplished much more than the previous, with Ty at the head, Meara, myself and a couple trusted friends as officers, we tackled down bosses that represented a wall before, if we didn’t progress in 40-man raids, it was due to size, not capability. But it was too late, the Burning Crusade was announced, and the pre-expansion bomb blasted us to lethargy. The guild continued together thru BC, and into the preparation phases for Karazhan (pre-nerf, mind you), as with many, we hit a brick wall there, and due to uneasyness of the members and the increasing tension and pressure on the GM (for real this time, we’ve come to the conclusion he tried to hog all the responsibilities instead of delegating to his officers), the majority of the members jumped ship…including us.

That’s two guilds broken, the following guild is still ticking, so I’ll keep the name unpublished. We worked on Karazhan, breaking thru our brick wall after (and thanks to) the arrival of very good friends, and tanks. By this time I was still main healing, and I believe I reached my peak, but at the same time, the calls from the shadows were making themselves be heard louder: Akhellar was determined to reach the cap, and get some gear. Soon after our tank and friend left, leaving a spot to be filled and taking a big blow to the guild. I don’t blame him however, as his reasons for leaving were very legitimate: Lack of help for him, from the members, his love to warrior DPS, and the unwillingness of the guild to do things with some order.

The spot was filled by another tank, a new member that disliked the way Meara and I led, because it was too “harsh”. Excuse me, if you had been there, you might have agreeded that harshness was indeed needed. Anyway, things happened and both Meara and I decided to leave. No point going there now.

Prowess was next. We got in thru our old tank friend, and a couple others. It was there where I left my priest behind and Akhellar resurfaced as my main. It was there where I met a very good rogue class leader, and where Meara shed her bear fur for a shorter…erm…for a healer, Miara. She became a great healer, and I became top DPS. However something happened, in words of some officers, the GM became way too much of a jerk. His own demise was being an extrapolated version of what both Meara and myself once were as raid leaders. And so he kicked one of his main and most loved (by the members) officers. And so…the exodus begun. Three down.

We went with them, and that’s where we are, with good people, great intentions, and unbelievably high hopes, we rushed into instances and took them down like nothing. With Prowess, we reached Gruul and downed him. With The Crown, we finished Magtheridon, started getting our feet wet with SSC, and got a few poundings from VR in The Eye. Absorbing a guild and adding new members proved to be a viable, if not optimal, solution to a sudden lack of people. It was at this time that the guild reached its top, getting Vashj down, and reaching Kael in The Eye, also starting to make some progress into Hyjal and BT. It also was too late. WotLK was announced for that year, and the other expansion bomb blasted us again, not as bad, but bad enough to set us back badly. Then 3.0 came out. Bosses were dropping like flies. Good times…maybe too good, and people became complacent. Raiders forgot what it took to actually raid. And then the leveling race, and my faithful laptop retiring.

And that was the past. Now is the present, and time to talk about it will come in the future…hah!

Part of what’s been happening: Friendships forged and strenghtened, people coming and going, two gkicks that hurt like no other, feelings betrayed, friendships undone. Drama at an all-time-high. And the present days, gloom and clouded with indecisions and choices.

All that and a bit more, in part 2.

– Ak Out.




4 responses

15 03 2009

I’m excited to see the perspective of another, and for part two, as I’m eager to see how you describe the happenings. I’m afraid I’ve got you beat, though, having been through the decay and dissolution of 6 different raiding guilds, Zin Azshara, Ironforge Triumvirate, Dies Irae, Burnout Legion, Furia and Spud Raiders. Almost all of those were on different servers, though.

17 03 2009

I have to say, I’m also eager to see what Ak will write about in the 2nd half. It’s a bit interesting to see our past written so nicely, and accurately. However, I’m sure he will take a lot of “caution” when writing the next post. O.o

18 03 2009

Not sure why I should be cautious, I’m entitled to my own opinion and to express it as I best see fit, also all I’m doing is trying to keep a record of past and present events. <.< besides 90% of the people from The Crown don’t read the forums, let alone a blog. I might take a few days to write it tho, don’t want my walls of text to crit people that much XD

20 03 2009
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